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Thread: What's this type?

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    Default What's this type?

    I'm an ENTp, and I've often found myself friends with guys that are like:

    Mass story tellers, party obsessed, everyones best friend (dillusional, I don't think many people think like this), seem to know a mass amount of people that are generally people who drink very much and perhaps a bit dodgy, contacts me all the time, likes reading, charmer.

    My reaction is innitally that I feel squashed - I feel like I'm quiet, introverted and boring and that my true colours are totally hidden. Later things go on to feel like I'm in the best position because they become needy to my laid back attitude, friendliness and acceptance of them and I am the superior one. We have nothing in common, yet it seems to work... I like having people dependent on me, and they need someone to depend on.

    Just wondering if this makes these people a clear type, because I've met two people that are so similar to this and have made me feel the same.

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    Sounds like me to some extent, I'd say ESE is a good bet.

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