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Thread: Popes of the Roman Catholic Church

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    Default Popes of the Roman Catholic Church

    Unaccurate typings, thus comments are very welcome.

    Leo XIII : ILE
    Pius X : LSI
    Benedict XV : LIE
    Pius XI : ILI
    Pius XII : ILE
    John XXIII : SEI
    Paul VI : EIE
    John Paul I : ESE
    John Paul II : EII
    Benedict XVI : SEE

    Found these patterns from now (supposing accuracy) :

    - Logical between Leo XII and Pius XII, then Ethical
    - Mostly alternating Extrotim-Introtim
    - Mostly alternating Sensory-Intuitive
    - Globally balanced J/P (I think Popes' types are balanced, i.e. 1/16 of each TIM)
    - Globally balanced Statics/Dynamics
    - Mostly Positivists, Process and Democrats between Leo XII and Benedict XVI. There were probably more opposites before Leo XII. It may be inherent to needs and contexts of Church at this era.
    - Mostly Alphas and Gammas in this segment.
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    I agree with Pope John Paul II

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    Benedict XVI: LSI.
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