My reaction to this:

[22:00] RIP Fleur, love you so much baby. (L): today at the shop, this guy puts on the counter 5 chomp bars, i was 6hours into my shift so was a bit tired, so accidentally counted 6 chomp bars and put 6x15p through the till. he reallised what i'd done, and instead of simply just politely saying "excuse me i think you've counted them up wrong," he just lets me take the wrong money off him then bends forward and says "you know what, i think
[22:01] RIP Fleur, love you so much baby. (L): you'll find that's wrong. just cos you're pretty doesn't mean you can fake being unintelligent" and walks off! there was totally no reason to be nasty to me like that. but when i thought about it, there could've been some other factors to why he was moody this particular day, but that's no excuse to just be rude to me!
[22:05] Ezra: what a fucking twat
[22:05] Ezra: that is a pisstake
[22:06] RIP Fleur, love you so much baby. (L): i don't think i made that story relevant to my point... my point was that the pleasant thing to do would be to nicely point out my mistake, but some situation that day may have angered him and jaded his vision, causing him to be just plain nasty.
[22:07] Ezra: i disagree
[22:07] Ezra: i think it is him and his ideas
[22:08] Ezra: i don't think it is just for that day

I want to know if this means static, or something else. And if I am static, if the girl is dynamic.