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    Default Michelle Ryan

    For those so acquainted, any opinions on types? She seems to be a pretty good actress, because in the two things I've seen her in she seems to come off as different types. Us Americans are probably most likely to recognize her as the Bionic woman, though alternatively she's played a part in Jekyll (which might also be interesting from a socionic POV). I would say for the former she's some kind of ST, leaning more towards delta. Honestly, I think ISTp. In Jekyll, I thought more ENFp. Maybe that's somewhat telling that she would seem to come off as either one type or its dual, but I'm probably projecting since she's so hot (especially with her native accent, am I right)? Oh. My. God.

    Also, she's only a week older than me which totally blows my mind.
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    Yeah super hot. I think Delta too. Although don't know enough about her to say for sure what type.
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