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Thread: EIE/ENFj story: Good Top - Bad Top

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    Default EIE/ENFj story: Good Top - Bad Top

    Based on an idea belonging to Bullets and Doves and my common interests in these tops I wanted to illustrate the idea which came to me in a brief encounter this evening. I went into a convience store in NYC and as I was going in, much to my thrill, were two hunky cops exiting a large vehicle.

    So I went inside and one of the clerks, a big black moody but friendly ESTP, was putting things away ... This guy always hits on me most of the time. And one of the cops, the taller of the two, came up to the guy and basically sandwiches me in and asked him where the restroom was. And the guy told him but the cop kind of says can you show me and the estp guy kind of leans outward and the cop goes towards the area.

    I didn't even really look at the cop. His uniform had me stunned and um well it was nice all of it. I was pinned next to the big black clerk and then had this killer fucking stud cop like preventing me from moving. So the cop uses the restroom and the ESTP says "so what are you going to buy me today." and me so flabergasted by the whole event i say "nothing" and walk off.

    So that was heaven. Sure its a small minute it someones life but for me it was gorgeous. If i could change it maybe i would have hit on the cop or waited around outside...and maybe would have been nicer to the estp. i am so in love with some aspect of dominance in these primary sensory types. but i find the need for ethics and healing inthe istj very compelling.

    "I'm Sick of Old Men Dreaming Up Wars for Young Men To Die In," George McGovern.

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    This thread delivers.

    Basically, a good top is hard to find. A hard top is even better....but lol yeah.

    When tops do that, they basically have to own it. It has to be so clear and powerful. We have to really feel the courage and conviction in their bodies. They have to REALLY be a top, because we know the fake ones better than anybody.

    i am so in love with some aspect of dominance in these primary sensory types. but i find the need for ethics and healing inthe istj very compelling.
    A top that thinks being a top is all about the aggressive carnal kill isn't a top at all. They end up being very disappointing in bed, actually. I think you're learning the difference. Good for you! The male ideal in every story known to humans has always been somebody with a physical presence, but also with a good heart. A good top wants you to feel empowered and in control of your own life, even if you are a natural bottom.

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    i like the way you say he always hits on you most of the time

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