One of the compliments I get most in life is probably "Wow Sam you're really clever!" And it's true.

To be clever, all you have to do is take a little bit of experience and stretch it out as far as possible.....without resorting to a total bold-faced lie. Just talking about your fantasies is not enough, as the INFp grows up we learn that.

So maybe you only slept with one guy. That's one more than a lot of people ever see! Maybe you went to school but didn't finish it, or went to one place here and there- or something, etc. The INFp having an actual god-honest moment will always remember those things 'we did' to teach others, because it's how we reached the place of our own self-actualization. In other words, I believe it's our main purpose in life. I know it doesn't seem THAT exciting. Oh it's just being clever. But, just think of how cleverness has gotten us in a society, really. Most everything has splashes of clever-ness here and there.

Being clever is how an INFp copes in life, or if where in a situation where we just can't handle it- sometimes our goes overboard and we just kinda burst out in this silly cartoon character. Extreme example of course. A more practical way of being clever is being a writer, a teacher, or entertainer.... or simply a friend.