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Thread: Formal Recruitment, Socionics-style

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    Default Formal Recruitment, Socionics-style

    I'm curious- is/was anyone here involved in Greek Life? I think that socionics would be absolutely fascinating to apply to a setting like that.

    I try to reflect on a lot of things I do in terms of socionics, but rarely do I go around thinking, "That is so Fe of her!" and such. Occasionally, though, something strikes me as extremely characteristic. A friend talked me into going through Formal Recruitment, and my reaction to the whole process made me laugh at how typically ISFp I reacted.

    My first thought was that it could be fun to be in a sorority. As an ISFp, I have a hard time getting extremely close to people although I love close relationships, and the idea of a sisterhood seemed nice to me. I was a little hesitant about the stereotypes, but I decided to give it a shot and keep an open mind.

    And I couldn't STAND it. I left halfway through the second day and didn't go back. The atmosphere was ridiculously Fe, and even though I liked the girls in one or two of the more chill, authentic groups, I just couldn't stand the process. You were lined up, taken into rooms, and were passed around to as many people as possible in the space of twenty minutes before you had to leave and go into another room and repeat. It was a whirlwind of fake smiles and practiced, "so what's your major?"s.

    It seemed ridiculously fake trying to get to know so many people so fast, and then calling them your 'sisters' after five days. It was an overly idealistic Fi reaction, I guess, because a lot of Fe girls loved it and had a blast. For me, it was just draining and superficial. Even though I was slightly interested in one of the groups, I decided to withdraw from the process because I felt that the way in which I was getting to know them might ruin it for me altogether.

    The final straw for me- when I finally decided to leave- was when I encountered a group of Fe girls who were also rushing and talking about their 'top choices'. They were coming up with STRATEGIES about what to list on some paper about preferred sororities to make sure that they got into the most popular one they could. They didn't seem to care about the people in them, or their philanthropy and volunteer work, just so long as they got into one with the best reputation (this is where the Fe-ness of it all really struck me).

    The group seemed to know what was going on, so I asked them if they knew whether I would be able to just rush one organization since the others didn't appeal to me. They looked at me like I was crazy and said, "But what if your first choice doesn't want you, and another one DOES? You won't get in ANYWHERE, then!"

    The whole atmosphere fascinated me from a socionics point of view, especially since I had such a different reaction to it than most of the girls there. I'm also interested in how Introverted types ever end up in Greek Life at all to begin with. Has anyone here had any experience with this?
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    I'm not sure you can lump reputation as Fe, I think that just may be a sign of idiocy. It may be related to democratic/aristocratic, but I don't know enough about those to say.

    Its rush season where I am as well, but I'm not participating. I think it would be very interesting to observe interactions as a socionist. I wonder what the integral types of the houses would be? Maybe they tend to lean to one quadra or IM. Oh, the possibilities!
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