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Thread: INFP or INFJ?

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    Smile INFP or INFJ?

    Hey all,
    I'm new to this forum, and I'm not certain of my type. I believe I'm either an INFP or INFJ.

    A little bit about myself:
    Well, I wouldn't consider myself a "neat-freak," but I'm usually well-organized. I can be messy, at times, but never for long. Disorganization irritates me. If I have to meet somewhere at a specific time, I'm usually early or right on time. It's rare that I'm late. I have a tendency to procrastinate - but I think I'm a perfectionist. I always strive for quality. I never feel like I have time to relax either. It seems I can never use a daily planner; I rely on sticky notes to remind myself of what I need to get done. I'm a bit absent-minded. When arriving at a decision, I go with what feels right to me. I'd rather make a decision as soon as possible and have it out of the way, rather than think about it forever. I also find indecisiveness annoying.
    If I have a professor who gives a detailed, very specific assignment, and wants it done a certain way, I feel uncomfortable. I love creativity, and I do not have a mind for details. I'm quick to grasp a concept or theory. I enjoy seeking patterns/relationships between ideas. I love to think, but my thinking is largely focused on how I can improve society in some way.
    I'm a very sensitive person, and I live inside my head. I like meeting new people, but cannot interact with people for an extended period of time. I feel drained after an entire day of socializing without any breaks in-between.
    My intellectual interests are English, history, psychology, sociology, foreign languages; I'm currently an undergrad majoring in history. I love art and music, too. Writing poetry is also a hobby of mine. I can read either non-fiction, or fiction...doesn't matter. I love to read. I prefer reading anything historical; biographies are also fun to read.
    I don't care how popular an idea seems to be, if I feel it isn't right, I won't follow it. I would never follow for the sake of following.
    Anyways, I believe I may have rambled too much...I hope all this is coherent enough for everyone to interpret! If not, I apologize.

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    Preliminary guess: INFj > INFp. Your interests and the way you go about things sound eerily like my own.
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    I don't care how popular an idea seems to be, if I feel it isn't right, I won't follow it.
    Sounds like PoLR.

    I'm a bit absent-minded..... and I live inside my head.
    Both suggest .

    I also find indecisiveness annoying.
    Dual-seeking imo.

    From this and other bits I have read, you sound like a INFp.
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