It's a very obscure theory on levels of thinking that is similar (and correlated) to Spiral Dynamics. It's not really a type theory, but I find it interesting.

I even correlated it to dimensionality of functions :

Ex : Levels 1 and 2
Nr : Levels 3 and 4
St : Levels 5 and 6
Tm : Levels 7 and 8

Therefore, we can say :

Functions 1 and 8 can process 8 levels
Functions 2 and 7 can process 6 levels
Functions 3 and 6 can process 4 levels
Functions 4 and 5 can process 2 levels

That's right. It means that even if an LII can do -related things, he will do them in a very simplified manner. Rick said that weak functions tend to contribute to simplify things.
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