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Thread: Discussion of IM element relationships

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    Default Discussion of IM element relationships.

    The purpose of this discussion is to identify and analyze as many relationships between the IM elements as we can. By doing so, we will broaden our understanding of how cooperation between elements produces the coherent reality we observe.

    What we know:
    - every element has as its foundation and basis for change ("balance") its contrary of the opposing sign. (Gulenko's work, brought to our attention by Hitta)
    - every element's substance is defined as its dual of the same sign. (observations by labcoat; primary sources unknown)

    What does this mean?

    For Ni:
    - Ni is awareness of the passage of time, the order in which things occur. ("sequential progression")
    - Ni works with Se, the observation of forces/wills, to produce a sense of the future. The perception of this future is given visual shape and guidance by Ne, which draws its pool of imagery from Si. The interaction of wills is observed by Se's use of Si to assess what interactions are or are not possible (Si drawing on Ne); this interaction is sequenced by Ni into "virtual" time.
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