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Thread: ISFjs, how do you experience minus Fi (-ethics of relationships)

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    Default ISFjs, how do you experience minus Fi (-ethics of relationships)

    I'm trying to wrap my head around how Fi can be expressed quantitatively; it's quite difficult. (this probably has something to do with my +Se PoLR.)

    ISFjs, can you offer an example as to how one raises -Fi? How is it that you perceive -Fi as lacking in someone, in society? How do you go about increasing -Fi?

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    I think it's not about the morals like in the stereotype, but instead about this:

    The ESI sees reality primarily through static personal ethics and stable interpersonal bonds between individuals... This is manifested as a very high regard for personal loyalty and integrtity, both on the part of the ESI and of others towards each other and towards the ESI.

    Your strongest virtue is your ability to ethically evaluate actions of other people. You cannot tolerate injustice and malevolence in others.

    I do respect individuality and don't think that I have a right to impose my personal ethics on others, but I have no patience for selfish expluatation, injustice, stupidity, cruelty and archaic, nonsensical dogmas. A person or society lacking -Fi, ime, would be the one who lacks the positive qualities mentioned above.

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