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Thread: Right-left or subconscious side-types at the same time?

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    Default Right-left or subconscious side-types at the same time?

    Very long time since I even read here. I got an email from "here", "we miss you rainbow". Well sure.. for being automated :-)

    Now I thought about our subconscious levels, or maybe or just probably, for most of us, the right brain side that may not always easily define itself in words, and then, discussion.

    Some people, and generally more men then women, are more brain side laterized (correct english?). But what if the "left" and "right" sides don´t communicate that well that may be desired, then there are two types right in the whole mind? This applies more or less to all of us but for some and I think me.. hm.. quite a bit.
    Hard to make decisions is one thing and dreaming complex things (symbols, names, situations, lifting etc even very certain issued telepathics in some percent) in week cycles.

    I have got less done, I try to do more at the same time with less of it getting completely done task by task, it rather takes a longer time for it all to get done and then when it does, several things are done ready at the same time (more fine tuned).

    Could this belong more to one or two certain types, of the 16?

    Actually, I have interesting work to do that is very important for me, why did I then write here? :-O
    Wonder why and if I have to be an INTJ or how to do the best of it.

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    I'm not sure if the brain hemispheres lateralize into two types... although I could be proven wrong by experiment.

    What I do suspect is that different parts of the brain use the functions differently. The motor cortex uses the functions for exertion, and based on its ease of access to IM elements arranges them in a type all its own. (the exertion type.) Are there more types? You'd need to know more about the brain to answer that one.

    In short, research holds the key to a better understanding of type and the brain.

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