There is a subtle yet strong difference between conscious and unconscious functions. Conscious functions are what is encompassed in a person's normal actions and ideas. Unconscious functions are the drive/compulsion behind everything.

For example... +Te as an ego function would work on what is being done... meaning what the person does is organized and economical. As an unconscious function, +Te tries to organize everything or tries to be perfect with everything. Take for example the INTj and ESFj. INTjs aren't the type of people to be overly organized with their hygiene and their living environment due to +Se/-Si PoLR. But what they do do, in the form of -Se/+Si unconscious and +Ne/-Ni conscious, is the initiation of things. INTjs are the people that like to start things, but never stay in it for the entire duration, or even a large portion of the duration. That portion that is done by the INTj is organized though through +Te. Now one could break down this even further by asking the question "Why?". I'll make another post.