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Thread: INTp subtypes

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    Default INTp subtypes.

    What have you experienced of the subtypes?

    Jonathan, what is your subtype?

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    He's not alpha, he's not IEI... he's just ILI-Ni. There aren't too many on here, and the ones who are here don't have very pronounced personalities. ILI-Ni is alot different then ILI-Te. ILI-Te tells jokes mostly. Instead of developing their own ideas, they seem to focus primarily on critiquing existing ideas ... many times critiquing translates into playing meaningless word games.. they also come off as less socially abrasive, more "with the grain"; maybe even leader of what is considered the grain. ILI-Ni has a closer relationship with emotions, art, philosophy... is more vague with their explanatory style. Focuses on generating thier own ideas as opposed to "accepting or interpreting" existing ideas. Is almost always misunderstood due to their inability to express what is, internally, a very vague abstract image. Comes off as reaching a number of hastey conclusions, ends up backtracking.. trying to explain "these conclusions were merely hypotheses"
    ...etc. No one can follow ILI-Ni logic. It is better (Java); that is.. it will cause you less anxiety / stress, to learn not to speak of such things (subjective hypotheses).. but rather to keep them inside your head and reap their rewards as they come to fruition in reality, in unfolding events in real time.
    Anyway, this is the same forum full of idiots who argued with me I was ENFj.. where I supposedly didn't know myself well enough to know otherwise- that I was 3 of 4 letters away. ..
    If you need to give your thoughts structure, write them in a journal. ... do not ask idiots for imput. Well, I guess in some ways talking to the idiots can be an advantage, because you become good with words... good with defending / understanding your position from every vantage point: basically good at dealing with idiots.. but other then that, no. it is a waste of time
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    Default DCNH subtypes of INTps in pictures

    Aiss asked me to subtype some female INTps - but unfortunately I don't know any. They are probably as rare as INTj females. So I'll just try to subtype the people Filatova typed...

    1.) I will certainly make some mistakes again because in general it is necessary to see a face from different perspectives.
    2.) It is conceiveable that Filatova made some mistakes, too...

    D-INTp (square):

    C-INTp (rectangular): Ralf Stegner (German politician)

    N-INTp (oval): Christian Wulff (president of Germany)

    H-INTp (circular): Oskar Lafontaine (German politician)

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