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Thread: Four Eyed Monsters (film)

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    Default Four Eyed Monsters (film)

    This was a full length feature film that I saw earlier this year posted by the filmmakers themselves on YouTube. I hadn't thought of the film since I had joined this forum, and now that I remembered it, I wanted to analyze the interpersonal relationship between Arin and Susan because it's played out very well in the film and I find it really interesting. The quote in my signature is from this film.

    I'd like your thoughts on Arin and Susan's type. I'm not that great at typing people unless I have something concrete to compare it to, so I don't really know what their types are at the moment.

    I thought the film and the concept of the film were very interesting.

    Edit: If the movie is deemed inappropriate or if people have a problem with it, then I'll just edit this post out. I hope it's not because the dynamic of the film itself and of the interpersonal relationships is something I hope I can understand better.
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