I'm reading Rick's blogs, and a few things about Beta STs are coming up which resonate strongly with the E6, especially in counterphobic mode:

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What this means in practice is that Beta types are much quicker to recognize and respond to threats to their group and to society at large, often banding together [recall the 6's 'us and them' attitude here] at the mere hint of such a threat. EIEs generate awareness of the threat within society and stir up people's emotions. SLEs mobilize people into bands to fight off attackers. IEIs and LSIs perform subtle, behind-the-scenes operations (of course, these are just broad generalizations). The "weakness" of the Beta quadra is that many Beta types are prone to see threats when there actually are none or exaggerate the danger of minor threats, thus wasting people's energy on fighting a nonexistent foe [textbook cp6 at Level 6 health (I don't place that much emphasis on health levels, but this is very significant)]. When the danger is real, however, Beta quadra's ability to mobilize society is critical to the survival of society as a whole [reminiscent of a healthy 6's abilities].