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Thread: Type the author of this "love letter"

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    Default Type the author of this "love letter."

    The following is a "Love letter." What socionic type do you think would most likely write something like this? (To begin, I am certain that this person is an NT) Also, what type (if any) would be most pleased to receive a letter like this?

    Dear ____,

    You are a wretched piece of meat. I love thee from the bottom of my left kidney. I know that you are a very fair maiden, and thus, I wish to intercourse you, like a penguin. You smell of twenty rotting corpses. Your face is like that of a mutilated cow. Unfortunately, you hardly notice me, as if I am nothing more than a milk carton. If you continue to hold such attitudes, then I will burn your house to the ground and I will chop all of your limbs off. Your hair is wavy and beautiful like a cesspool. The milk from your glands may strengthen the thorn-bushes. I admire how nimble you are in the fingers with the piano. I might eat one of your cats. Hopefully, this will make you realize the true affection I hold for you.


    Your Secret Admirer

    P.S. Perhaps over this upcoming weekend together we may get? Shall we meet by the abandoned train station? There, I may have my way with you, and then beat your flesh senselessly with a crowbar. Oh, how ravishing thou art!
    Classical socionics: (), ILI-Ni
    Dual-type theory: INTp-ENTp

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    probably beta/gamma, but almost any type might be possible. IEI/ILI superficially seems most likely, but there's not very much to go on.

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    Pre-2013 post are written with incomplete understanding.

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