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Thread: Generations and what types they favor

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    Default Generations and what types they favor

    There's a theory by William Strauss and Neil Howe, that generations follow seasonal cycles of 4 different types of generations (at least in USA).

    Here's the 4 types of Generations:
    Prophet/Idealist. A Prophet (or Idealist) generation is born during a High, spends its rising adult years during an Awakening, spends midlife during an Unraveling, and spends old age in a Crisis. Prophetic leaders have been cerebral and principled, summoners of human sacrifice, wagers of righteous wars. Early in life, few saw combat in uniform; late in life, most come to be revered as much for their words as for their deeds.

    Nomad/Reactive. A Nomad (or Reactive) generation is born during an Awakening, spends its rising adult years during an Unraveling, spends midlife during a Crisis, and spends old age in a new High. Nomadic leaders have been cunning, hard-to-fool realists, taciturn warriors who prefer to meet problems and adversaries one-on-one.

    Hero/Civic. A Hero (or Civic) generation is born during an Unraveling, spends its rising adult years during a Crisis, spends midlife during a High, and spends old age in an Awakening. Heroic leaders have been vigorous and rational institution-builders, busy and competent in old age. All of them entering midlife were aggressive advocates of technological progress, economic prosperity, social harmony, and public optimism.

    Artist/Adaptive. An Artist (or Adaptive) generation is born during a Crisis, spends its rising adult years in a new High, spends midlife in an Awakening, and spends old age in an Unraveling. Artistic leaders have been advocates of fairness and the politics of inclusion, irrepressible in the wake of failure.

    What types do you think these generations favor the most? = the types that are the leaders of the times. Those descriptions probably only apply to limited set of types. And some types just probably always get the short end of the stack. I'm just too lazy to methodologically try to fit every socionics type to one of the generation leader types.

    The current zeitgeist is the Artist (Adaptive).

    In their theory, just as history molds generations, so do generations mold history. Modern Anglo-American history runs on a two-stroke rhythm. The two strokes are an Awakening and a Crisis.

    Awakening. During an Awakening, rising adults are driven by inner zeal to become philosophers, religious pundits, and hippies, alienating children (who see the adult world becoming more chaotic each day) and older generations alike. Civil order comes under attack from a new values regime. Examples of Awakening eras include the Protestant Reformation (1517-1542), the Puritan Awakening (1621-1649), the Great Awakening (1727-1746), the Second Great Awakening (1822-1844), the Third Great Awakening (1886-1908), and the Consciousness Revolution (1964-1984).

    Unraveling. An Unraveling is an era between an Awakening and a Crisis. The most recent Unraveling was seen between The Consciousness Revolution and the present, a time of paradigm shifting.

    Crisis. A Crisis is a decisive era of secular upheaval. The values regime propels the replacement of the old civic order with a new one. Wars are waged with apocalyptic finality. Examples of Crisis eras include the Wars of the Roses (1459-1487), the Spanish Armada Crisis (1569-1594), the colonial Glorious Revolution (1675-1704), the American Revolution (1773-1794), the American Civil War (1860-1865), and the twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II (1939-1945).

    High. A High is an era between a Crisis and an Awakening. The most recent High was seen between World War II and the Consciousness Revolution.

    More information:
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    i'm pretty well acquainted with this theory. the question you ask is an important one because it begs the question of how quadra values and socionics types will be looked at by the culture at different points in time.

    socionics tries to do this when the idea of quadra dominance is discussed and how countries are perceived of as being one type or another or one quadra or another.

    i think it works better to look at the turnings theory, as you have done, and discuss how different types or quadra values fit in with the overall culture, at any given point in time. it seems as if different information elements and their logical expressions would emerge as more dominant depending on the overall needs of the environment. the turnings theory does a good job of describing the multi-faceted aspects of large groups and cultures and economic trends etc. socionics quadra explanations don't do as good a job with this.

    having said that, i think the Consciousness revolution, with its focus on out of the box thinking and redefining of social contracts, supports Ne & Si a little more, alpha.

    the recent Unraveling, with its primary focus on business supports Te & Ni more, gamma.

    a Crisis period, with its focus on setting things straight, and quick crisis management, would support Se & Ti more, beta.

    a High period, focused on perfecting institutions and strengthening social contracts, Te & Fi seems more delta.

    so the idea is that beta and delta dominate when the culture has to respond to safety threatening events or to consolidate safety gains made; leadership has to be clear and flow downward, there is less personal freedom; more in keeping with aristocratic values. when the internal safety of the country is less of a concern, there is more room for personal experimentation and business experiementation, so leadership is less centralized at those times, more in keeping with democratic values.


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    It would be good to know, in detail, what High, Crisis, Unraveling and Awakening mean or signify.
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    It may also help others identify these ideas if you attached to them the actual times or decades which William Strauss and Neil Howe had in mind when they devised this theory.
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