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Thread: Perspectivist Revolution in Socionics by Dovgan

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    Default Perspectivist Revolution in Socionics by Dovgan


    Tribuna. №7: А. Dovgan
    Perspektivistskaya Sotsionike Revolution Manifesto

    A. Dovgan, Kiev 12.09.2007 d.

    In the humanitarian sotsionike ripe idea of the type sotsionicheskom, wider than TIM and even broader than psychological type.

    Type in the broadest sense is starting seen as a matrix of common genetic program, which originally balanced physical, psychological and intellectual structure. In this sense, kind of a unique combination of physical, psychological and intellectual-1 / 16 combination!

    In the process laid the essence of life (gene combination) is set to continue growing, or suppressed, depending on the external environment and personal effort. It is the physical aspect of the constitutional very diverse type, bears the stamp of descent, but the genes originally customized in harmonious balance of physical and mental.

    Therefore, in the description of the type needed to deal with it on a physical, psychological and intellectual level, and consequently expand the data model characteristics. A display type on the social level recorded in the submission on the conduct of the type "clean", its social mission, but modified subtype strategies and individual behavior.

    This "matrix" model does not necessarily have such a clumsy skeletno-statichesky nature as a model A, it can be initially slovesno-opisatelnoy with elements of the dynamics, and then acquire some formalizovanno-strukturirovannye features.

    I think in this direction must evolve live Socionics humanitarian wing.

    Thus, Socionics works at the junction of Sciences: psychology, neurophysiology, biology, sociology, theories of intelligence, elements of the general theory of systems, management, history ... Originally born in the depths of psychology, Socionics raised a whole stratum of outstanding problems in science.

    To give an analogy with the development of a systematic approach when the general systems theory (in the broad sense) involved developing approaches such as cell theory, manifolds, boxes, networking theory, cybernetics, information theory, rifles, game theory, the theory of decisions bursts, Engineering, Exploration even operations and engineering psychology.

    As described VV Gulenko in their work "before and after Aushry. Fate sotsioniki ", the notion sotsion Socionics operates as a social organism cells. And this cell is not limited only characteristic information, but also energy, she lives and works, and not just thinking and exchanging signals from the external environment, i.e. it is the social matrix.

    English biologist and philosopher L. von Bertallanfi, has developed the concept of the body as an open system and build a program to word the general systems theory, put forward the concept of synthesis of Sciences, which is in contrast to the attention of all sciences to physics (reductionism) called perspektivizmom.

    Socionics as synthetic scientific direction with a lot of promising points of growth, must move away from a narrow understanding of the type of information as the type of metabolism and come to a universal understanding perspektivistskomu type Synthesizing knowledge of the man, gradually incorporating the concept in the new type of systematic and functionally related and interdependent field.

    The same perspektivizatsiya, synthesis of science should happen with the notion of "sotsion" to be considered not only as social intelligence unit consisting of 16 types and relationships between them, but as a social cell organism highest form of organization of physical, mental and intellectual energy. In Aushry this idea works is available in embryonic form.

    It is unprecedented in the brain storming and social issues chelovekoznaniya concluded sotsioniki mission.

    There whether synthesis of Sciences in sotsionike as fastest interdisciplinary scientific direction? Or it stops here? Time will tell.

    Perspektivistskaya revolution in science inevitable. And it will happen with or without sotsionikoy it. And that Socionics "remained in the game", there must be a revolution in perspektivistskaya sotsionike.

    Revolutionaries from sotsioniki, probuzhdaytes!

    Of flame sparks the flame!
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