OK, so i have been trying to type my close childhood friend for a long time. I thought I should be able to type her on my own, but we have not talked for a long time and am not sure I know her anymore.

We met in 2nd grade and were pretty much inseparable until the end of high school. She said that she needed to get away from everyone and went to New York to attend a summer dance camp. Afterwards, she had some troubles saying no in college and dropped out. ISTj friend who we hung out with regularly stated that she felt left out of our friendship for some years.

I feel that we must have had a near dual or some kind of natural close relation since being her best friend, being with her 24-7 was natural. we also liked being together most of the time. It was only after this trip that I felt like we didn't know each other. Also, a few significant things about her I believe could be type related. She doesn't respond to signals I give her very clearly that I don't like what she's said-- not like she heard me and doesn't care, but seems to completely ignore it. I also didn't like it that she seemed to make fun of me, called me lazy once and that surprised me. I called her spineless once, and that hurt her.

I am confused, because we had this relation that seemed so natural for so many years, at a time where you don't have logical reasons for being together (childhood), yet in our adult lives, have very little in common, it seems Though I think that the stuff people have in common is not necessarily type related.

Ask me questions, and I will try my best to answer. I would like to figure out her type.

VI wise, I don't have any pics of her in digital form. She looks very much like the actress Sandra Oh.