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Thread: ENTp type description TheSocion!!

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    Default ENTp type description TheSocion!!

    ENTp profile

    1.) +Ne/-Ni (directly ties in with function 7)

    ENTps love to be in the spotlight. They love to get notoriety for their accomplishments. Many people view ENTps as being "out-there". ENTps are novelty seekers. They are drawn to anything that is original and complex. ENTps often come up with many original, and often uninterpretable ideas. They tend to develop abstract ideas that the rest of the world finds to be bizarre. ENTps tend to have a vague anxiety about them. They tend to fear the end of their own lives. They tend to look at all the possibilities that could occur in live and in death, and develop very fearful adaptations to them. They often go out of their way to prevent some type of catastrophe from occurring to them. ENTps tend to live in the relative world. They tend to take a relative stance on everything. They tend to look at every possible viewpoint that they can think of, and usually warn people that everything is possible. ENTps can be quite impulsive. They tend to start a lot of new projects, often never finishing any of them. When they do progress with something, they do it in sharp shifts, or rare but strong movements.

    2.) -Ti/+Te (directly ties in with function 8)
    ENTps usually hate stereotypes. They would prefer everything to be view as individualistic, rather than being part of a group. They tend to break ideas and concepts down into sections, which are then broken down into more sections. They tend to break things down infinitely. ENTps do not like structure in things. They try their best to attain situations without it. They would prefer anarchy in most situations. ENTps tend to have a very economical way about them. They do not waste things. They try to save their money and items as best as they can.

    3.) +Se/-Si (directly ties in with function 5)
    ENTps simply do not understand how to submit and follow someone. They are very rebellious natured people. ENTps are not the type of people to enjoy the "party" life. ENTps have a hard time finishing tasks. They have an extremely hard time voluntarily doing things. ENTps lack the willpower to do tedious tasks that the majority of society understand how to do. ENTps do not take very good care of their hygiene. They tend to go days often without taking a shower. They lack the capacity to take care of their bodies in this regard.

    4.) -Fi/+Fe (directly ties in with function 6)
    ENTps tend not to hate anyone at all. They usually do not feel anger in the least bit towards people. They usually do not have depressive emotions besides those of the existential nature(even then they will probably not be depressed in a saddened way). ENTps usually lack the capacity to be nice and polite to people. They often at times can seem very bitter and angry(even though they will not feel it internally).

    5.) +Si/-Se (directly ties in with function 3)
    ENTps like to experiment with their bodies. They often try new things with their bodies, like experiment with different foods or something involving pleasure. They often at times try very bizarre things to stimulate their bodies. ENTps have a need to feel euphoric. They tend to love food and the taste of food. ENTps may even try unique things sexually. ENTps have a need to overthrow authority. They usually do not like authority figures at all. They usually feel as if they want to overthrow authority so that they can remove the rules from society. ENTps would prefer to live in a habitual environment. They love to relax and just lay around and live their lives as they please.

    6.) -Fe/+Fi (directly ties in with function 4)
    ENTps can be very sarcastic and bitter to people. They can see like they are being mean just to be spiteful to people. They usually believe that their bitter actions are out of love and compassion for people. They have a need to be love and compassionate to people.

    7.) -Ne/+Ni (directly ties in with function 1)
    ENTps do not believe in absolute statements. They usually do not understand how people come to absolute decisions on certain matters. Many ENTps simply do not believe that absolute truth exists. ENTps hate normalcy. They strive to be viewed as being original or creative. ENTps have a slowly progressing with something. They do not maintain things very well. They lack the ability to be thorough with things. They usually rush through their tasks.

    8.) -Te/+Ti (directly ties in with function 2)
    ENTps usually do not like to blow their money on something. They usually opt to try to save as much of their money as they can. ENTps do not like to take risks with things. Although they are impulsive people, they have a hard time being decisive with things. They usually will never be able to come to a decision to take a huge risk with something. ENTps do not like stereotypes. They do not like systems very much. They usually try to break apart systems into pieces. ENTps believe in anarchical concepts.
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    What do you mean by "ties in with"? You know those ties become better as you age. (but not over a continuum! There is a threshold that must be reached.)

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    this type description is full of allegations which the description does not support well. not a very good one IMO.


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    As a probable ENTp, I relate to this pretty well. In particular, parts 1, 7, 2, 8, and parts of 3.
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