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    I met a person at a party recently and I'm trying to figure out what type she is. I've met her 3 other times, but it's always been in groups. She seems similar to myself in some degree, and I'm wondering if she could be enfp or entp. I have only definitively typed one other enfp, so I'm wondering what the degrees of variations are in that personality type...

    Facts about her: Holds a BA and a law degree from prominent universities, but given her cultural background, her parents demanded she choose a profession. So she chose law. She is interested in environmental law now. She also has served on prominent committees, donates money to her school, and belongs to the alumni association.

    Previously, she did Teach for America and other internships on improving education for inner city kids.

    She doesn't have a 'forceful' presence - she doesn't control a room. She doesn't appear to have a great deal of intensity about her. You know how entjs hold your eyes.. doesn't do that. (Correct me if I'm wrong about the entjs - I thought that was one of their traits) She's talkative, likes capturing candid shots of people with her camera.

    In fact, this is why I wonder if she's entp: at the party she was taking snapshots. Two people were talking, one of whom is a naturally distracted person and was engrossed in conversation, and the other clearly did not like the photo-taker. She insisted on gaining their attention for a photo. I would never have forced contact with someone who obviously is giving me the cold shoulder. (Those two have met before, and something must have happened between them, because the one was frigid and the girl was trying to pretend nothing was going on. *chuckle*) If you like candid shots so much, why demand that they look at you?

    She stayed with her posse for most of the night, not seeking to meet every person there. If someone joined her conversations with the hostess or friends, then they were introduced. She may have mingled a little more than that, but I'm not sure.

    I guess the main reasons I was coming up with entp was because of her level of 'official' social commitment, her activities that benefit society, and that she ignored the social tension surrounding that other person.

    What do you think? Or is it even possible to type someone after relatively minimal contact?

    I have a photo of her, but it's on my desktop and I can't figure out how to post it. Do photos have to be on the web for you to post them?

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    IEE (ENFp) sounds more likely than ILE (ENTp) imo.
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