Below are disputes between JD and Elliot in 'Scrubs' - 1.15 "My Bed Banter & Beyond"

Consider these from all aspects of Socionics such as Reinin Dichotomies.

Elliot: There was nothing funny about that.

J.D.: Oh, all right, maybe you just don't know funny. Okay; let me help you out: Silly hats are funny; ALF, very funny; anyone in a chicken suit.... Oh! Over-sized phones are funny.

Elliot: J.D....

J.D.: Hold on.

He holds an imaginary giant telephone receiver in his hands, switching between the ear piece and mouth piece.

J.D.: Hello? ... [listens] ... She's right here.

He holds the "receiver" out to her.

J.D.: It's for you.

Elliot: You know what, you're not as funny as you think you are.

She walks out.

The Doctors' Lounge
Elliot sits on a couch, reading a chart. J.D. pokes his head in. She looks up briefly and goes back to her reading. He comes in and sits on the coffee table in front of her.

J.D.: Hey.... I shoulda stood up for you with Dr. Cox.

Elliot: Yeah, you should've.

J.D.: I just--- I--I don't want him to think it's about our relationship.

Elliot: Look, I know that you want Dr. Cox to like you and to respect you, but you should want me to like and respect you, too.

J.D.: [making light] Well, if I didn't respect you, I wouldn't be having sex with you. [thinks a second] ...That's not true, I totally would be!

He laughs.

Elliot: Look, if you can't talk about this for real, then forget it.

She slams her chart closed and starts for the door.

J.D.: Ohh, a perfect dismount off her high horse.

Elliot: If you don't like something, why don't you just say it; I mean, why do you always have to hide behind your stupid little jokes!?

J.D. stands to face her.

J.D.: Why is it impossible for you to ever let anything go?

Elliot: Oh, I let tons of stuff go; like when you wouldn't stand up for me in front of Dr. Cox. Or when you started telling everyone we know that we're having sex.

J.D.: And when are you--when are you letting that stuff go?

Elliot: Fine. You wanna know why I won't let that go? Because the only reason that you wouldn't stand up for me is that you're so terrified that someone, somewhere, in this hospital won't like you.

J.D.: Oh, and that's a bad thing? That's a bad thing, Elliot? Why don't--why don't we get all of my friends together in a room and we'll fight your friend.

She looks cut, deep.

Elliot: I'm getting so tired of this.

J.D.: Look, Elliot, this is me, okay? And there's a lot of people here who like me for who I am. I thought you were one of 'em.

Elliot: I thought I was, too.

They stand, looking at each other.