ESFj Personality Profile

1.)-Fe/+Fi (directly ties in with function 7)

ESFjs are possibly the most complaining of all types. They will seemingly holler at people for no particular reason. ESFjs can be very rude to people without realizing it. Internally though, ESFjs are very compassionate and loving people. Most of their angry rants are usually out of love and compassion. They tend to attempt to take care of all the people in their lives. An ESFjs will cook a meal for an entire family, enjoy the fact that they are enjoying their meal, and then yell at the people eating for not helping. The truth is though, that the ESFj isnít yelling because he expects the person to help, but is yelling because it is his/her nature to seem angry. As a matter of fact, the ESFj would probably prefer it that people didnít help him. An ESFj will give his life to make someone else feel comfort.

2.) +Si/-Se (directly ties in with function 8)

ESFjs love to take good care of their bodies. They notice all the positive effects that occur to their bodies. Many ESFjs make it a routine to exercise on a daily basis. ESFjs tend to show their love to people through the stimulation of the personís body. ESFjs love to cook for people and love to make sure that they enjoy their food. If a person does not enjoy their food the ESFj will look at this as a failure and will feel depressed. An ESFj will hide these feelings though. ESFjs are very assertive. They get things done. ESFjs like to have complete control over situations. Although ESFjs are traditionalist in a certain sense, ESFjs do not bow to authorities laws. ESFjs live life the way they choose to live life, and the way that they choose to live life is through their own comfort and pleasing others through their senses.

3.) -Te/+Ti (directly ties in with function 5)

ESFjs have an extremely hard time keeping systematically organizing things. They have a hard time seeing the similarities and differences between things. ESFjs do not see detail at all. Often when getting together the ingredients for something (maybe a recipe for food) an ESFj will have a hard time choosing the right ingredients. Often at times an ESFj will make the wrong decisions because they are unable to see cause and effect relations. ESFjs have a hard time seeing how things will lead.

4.) +Ni/-Ne (directly ties in with function 6)

ESFjs seems to also think that there is hope in a situation. They never see the bad in anything. ESFjs think that everything has their abilities, and that all objects are useful. ESFjs usually believe that all people are equal, just in different ways. ESFjs have a terribly hard time predicting the future. They tend to not be able to see how time will progress.

5.)-Ti/+Te (directly ties in with function 3)

ESFjs have a need to understand things. When they see something they do not understand, it will cause them much pain. ESFjs tend to spend a lot of time looking over and thinking about something they do not understand. ESFjs have a need to be productive. They love to be economical in their business matters. They want to use everything as best as they can.

6.) +Ne/-Ni (directly ties in with function 4)

ESFjs have a strong need to be creative. They often try news ways of doing things. An ESFj chef may try new ingredients in their food. ESFjs want to be perfect with everything they do. They will accept nothing less. ESFjs are very optimistic about the future. ESFjs tend to see the good in everything.

7.) +Fe/-Fi (directly ties in with function 1)

ESFjs do not know how to appear happy to people. ESFjs always seem disgruntled. ESFjs never are depressed and always accept people. ESFjs always accept people internally with love and compassion. ESFjs often are never able to produce hateful feelings towards people. If a person offends an ESFj, the ESFj may shrug it off.

8.) +Se/-Si (directly ties in with function 2)

ESFjs have a hard time following rules and set guidelines. They always do things their way and only their way. ESFjs usually never usually think about the negative effects in their body like pain and soreness. ESFjs like calm and stable living conditions.