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Thread: hmmkr's dualtype

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    Default hmmkr's dualtype.

    This belongs in What's My Type, but because rmcnew is being uncooperative, and Expat's enforcing with his opinion....

    Quote Originally Posted by hmmkr
    If you met me and dealt with me on a day to day basis, you will find that I am not PoLR.
    At the beginning of the sentence we see the preposition, "if you met me and delt with me [...]", leading to the conclusion, "you will find that." The conclusion is contingent on the happening: if there is no meeting, the conclusion may not occur. But if there is, then the conclusion certainly will occur. This is metabolism at work: the possibility implies the conclusion.

    What is being proposed? An action, a meeting; and beyond that, day to day dealing. A persistent business relationship, in substance. is observing hypothetical happenings in a world where people's primary focus is on forging concrete alliances by which to move into the future confidently. What is proposed is not just a bond, but a commitment that will lead to a definite conclusion. Whatever the original conclusion drawn, continued discourse will eventually: the words and considerations expressed to the end of producing the desired conclusion will accumulate, until finally the argument will be so self-coherent as to be beyond denial. Discussions will continue to happen, and whenever they do the evidence for the desired conclusion will continue to mount, until finally the outcome is reached. If only the commitment is made, the outcome will be inevitable.

    Therefore from this statement we can conclude that hmmkr's dualtype is ENTp-ENTj.

    I regret that I cannot yet provide a diagram for , because I have not conceived of an appropriate abstract representation. I am in need of source material for this purpose and anything having to do with "hypothetical discussions" is appreciated. (of course, looking over hmmkr's discussions is a good bet... maybe he'll work with me on it explicitly...)

    I think is definitely best defined as the function of hypothetical discourse. But it's also the function of hypothetical bonding, as well.

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    Could be.

    Static overlooking dynamic was all I was sure of, so far.

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