This system is natural. It is inspired by Enneagram and Neurochemicals. Check here how :


I'll call it the DNS system. It stands for Dopamin-Norepinephrin-Serotonin. This will make three variables.

D high : High motivation
D low : Low motivation
N high : High anxiety
N low : Low anxiety
S high : High emotional stability
S low : Low emotional stability

These variables are real numbers between in the ]0;1[ interval, like FFM variables.

For example, this is my Enneagram type :

Base type : Five
Wing type : Four
Arrow type : Eight (i.e. this arrow predominates)

According to that that theorist, type Five is D low, N high, S med.

Therefore, let's call an LII-5 an LII .25;.75;.50 variant. D=.25 ; N=.75 ; S=.50

w4 means D-.1, N unchanged, S-.1.
a8 means D+.05, N-.05, S-.05

Therefore : D=.2 ; N=.7 ; S=.35, and I'm LII, .2;.7;.35 variant. You can even code it as 20-70-35.

I'm not decided yet how to interpretate the Intimate/Preservation/Social thing.

Another example : My father is ESI-6w5a3 (counterphobic)

E6 means D=75 N=75 S=25 (normally D=50, but let's suppose that cp6 means D=75)
W5 means D=D-10 N=N+10 (S unchanged)
A3 means D=D+5 (S and N unchanged)

Therefore : ESI, variant 70-85-25.

...and you ???