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    Default diagnose this function

    i am usually content to diagnose a problem without solving it. this applies moreso to impersonal problems (and in this area i see it as a beneficial trait), however, i have also seen it play out in my inter/personal issues -- meaning if i can accurately state what's wrong and predict a possible course of events given various scenarios, i am happy to contribute, then step back to see the development. i see that this often either hurts or frustrates people because they see it as avoidance of a real human problem, or as uncaring or presumptious. i may be more apt to call it laziness possibly caused by bodily clumsiness. seriously, some of us cannot learn with our bodies doing the work. there is always a difference between the speed of the thoughts and the speed of the body.

    I would like to know what functions reflect

    how one person diagnoses a problem in his mind and is happy to leave it that way unless something is actually wrong on the surface that requires him to intervene AND how another person must actually solve the problem, step-wise, to feel satisfied or even as though he fully understands the nature of the problem. i would put myself in the former category for now, but i'm sure there are exceptions.

    discuss your preferences and socionics correlations.
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    Seems linked to energy expenditure to me. And just curious, do you happen to have a formulated answer to you inquiry? It's just that I find it amusing how your post illustrates the content of your post (I'm assuming you don't have an answer formulated). I wonder, should I too diagnose but not solve? Lol, no, I won't be bad, seems to me like your super ID is talking to you. I observe your situation and it seems as if you need a complement, a dual to actually perform the other part of the action you've presented before them (Here, I've formulated the problem, now you go and solve it for me).

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