Schizotypal - Alpha NT types, E5
Schizoid - Gamma NT types, E4 or E6 (sometimes LSI-1)
Paranoid - EIE and LIE, E6 or E7
Antisocial - all types, E6, E7 or E8
Borderline - EIE or SEI, mostly E2w1 or E4w5
Histrionic - EIE or ESE, mostly E2w3 or E4w3
Narcissistic - All sensing types, especially ESF types, mostly E2 or E3, sometimes E7
Dependent - all types, mostly E6 or E9
Obsessive-Compulsive - all ST types, especially E1, sometimes E8
Avoidant - SEI or IEE, E9

Quite unaccurate now. Must be improved.