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He is described by the other members of his band as the 'boring one', and one of his favourite hobbys is hoovering .

Some quotes:
* "In this season of goodwill, let's pray that Michael Stipe goes the same way as Freddie Mercury pretty soon." (At a gig at the Kilburn National in December 1992, in response to the music press' fascination with Michael Stipe's supposed illness)
* "If you're going to commit suicide, at least do a decent job of it, don't try five times!" (Commenting about Princess Diana's personal problems at a gig in June 1992)
* "I say build some more fucking bypasses over this shithole" (On stage at the Glastonbury Festival, 1994.)
* "Boys and girls, mums and dads, I think you're at the wrong night. This isn't Slowdive or Chapterhouse or another one of those nothing bands, you lazy lazy people." An example of Nicky verbally insulting the audience.
* "I do consider myself to be something of a pretentious wanker." (1993)
* "The difference between me and Richey is he always wanted to be understood, and I prefer being misunderstood. I don't feel the need for people to love or respect me, whereas Richey did."
* "Right now I don't want to go out, I don't want to make any friends. All I want to do is make enemies. I've never felt this much contempt for everyone and everything in my entire fucking life. I don't feel the need for anyone to like me anymore. Jesus, it's hard enough to like myself." (1994)

* "Who wants to fuck us?" - (No-one answered in the affirmative!) Doras, Swansea, 1992.
* "I've got a degree in politics, you can't expect me to lower my brain to that level." (When asked about the television show Big Brother in an interview, V Festival, 2007)