Agenda Quadrants

N/S Quadrants

The Originals, The Non-Conformists (+Ne/-Ni in ego, +Si/-Se agenda)

This group attempts to be original and unique. It has a strong need to overthrow authority. This group is into novelty and anything that is unique. As a matter of fact, the feelers in this group tend to make up a big majority of “gothic/emo” people. This group has a strong need to rebel. Also, this group is very optimistic about the future and often at times think about all the great things that could happen. This group tends to analyze the past and remember all of the failed mistakes it has made. This group often fails to complete its tasks. Often lacks the willpower to get things done.

The Imaginatives (-Ne/+Ni in ego, -Si/+Se agenda)

This group is define by its timeless and dreamy like imagination. This group notices all the alternatives that can go wrong in a given situation. This group is also good at seeing the mediocrity in things. The worthlessness of things is always visible to this group. This group is also good at reading people. This group likes to read people. They want to know the true motives behind peoples actions. It is good at predicting the future due to seeing past and present trends of things. These types live in the world of what will happen, not what could happen. These types have a strong need to make sure that nothing bad happens to them. They don’t want to be in pain or agony. These types will wash their hands often and keep up their hygiene. This group lacks initiative. It often has a hard time starting new endeavors. It hardly notices the wonderful little things in life that make the body feel pleasant.

The Doers, The Aggressives (-Se/+Si in ego, +Ne/-Ni agenda)

This group is the aggressive types. This group gets things done. They have a certain element that makes them have to make sure that everything is perfect. This group is good making sure things are done on time. They notice all the positive sensations that their bodies produce; beauty, taste of food, the enjoyment of relaxation, etc. They take good care of their bodies. They try to keep their bodies in top physical condition. This group can be openly direct with people. This group lacks the ability to see the negative potentials of things. It only has a need to be optimistic.

The Experiencers (+Se/-Si in ego, -Ne/+Ni agenda)

This groups main focus is to enjoy the world. The feeling types will try to interact with the people here and find enjoyment in things like parties. This group has a need to see the world and explore it. This group enjoys the things that the world has to offer. This group also has a strong need to notice the negative potential in things. This group can be very skeptical of how things turn out. This group notices all the negative sensations that the body produces. This group notices all the pain that the body produces. This group likes new and unique sensations. This group has a hard time see the positive potentials of things.

T/F Quadrants

The Creators/Systematizers (-Ti/+Te in ego, -Fe/+Fi agenda)

This group is the producers of ideas in the world. The intuitive types introduce and implement new and extraordinary ideas. The sensing types attempt to produce and implement ways to be economical. This group can be very analytical, they analyze the situation and put the best idea into production. This group tries to break things apart and analyze them as them are at their deepest core. This group can be very rude, as its their functional need to be sarcastic and mean to people. In the intuitive types though, social anxiety can get in the way of this. This group wants to love and be happy. This group has a hard time appearing happy to the people around them. They are hardly ever completely nice to people.

The Controllers (+Ti/-Te in ego, +Fe/-Fi agenda)

This group works best when put in a position of chaos. It can get rid of the problems of things and make sure that nothing stands in the way of an accomplishment. This group as leaders have no remorse about getting rid of people via firing them. This group follows the rules. It knows its place in the hierarchy of things. These people organize things and make sure that things are organized and in order. This group is extremely decisive. This group tries its best to be nice and kind to people. Inside though, these type has a need to be lonely depressed and withdrawn. This group doesn’t know what happiness or love is.

The Peacefuls (+Fi/-Fe in ego, -Ti/+Te agenda)

This group can be very mean and rude to people in an attempt to get them to do something to better them. Inside they are happy and love people unconditionally, but outside they can be very emotional, dramatic, and alarming. This group has a need to understand the inner workings of things. It also has a need to be productive. This group pays little or no attention to detail. Although the sensing types like to clean, these types lack logical organization.

The Depressives (-Fi/+Fe in ego, +Ti/-Te agenda)

This group feels very depressed and lonely inside. They tend to feel a touch of dissatisfaction with the people in which they are in a relationship with. They push people away. They have a sorrowful and tragic view of the world. They are nice to people. They try to bring out the positive emotions of people. They laugh a lot and attempt to get other people to laugh. This group has a need to organize and study things carefully. This group may read a lot.