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Thread: Childlike Alpha + Aggressor love scene (INTJ-ESFP)

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    Default Childlike Alpha + Aggressor love scene (INTJ-ESFP)

    Quote Originally Posted by hkkmr
    I could probably post this in like in a few few different places.
    But I'm biased towards Alpha!


    I've been meaning to post this for a long time, because it's a really good observation of how Infantile with a Aggressor behavior would be like. But I hadn't adequately typed the two actors/roles, mainly female. They're very natural in the scenes, and the director shoots without a script, so this is pretty much unscripted and as natural as it gets.

    There's thread in any relation about INTj/ESFp interaction, this might be a good example of that. I have her typed as ESFp and she's the aggressor in control of the situation.

    Initially I thought she might have been a victim, but I don't think so, she's playing a victim but in control... she pours the beer on his head, pushes him away, she might be playing a female "role" but definitely in a aggressive fashion.
    Would say thats infantile/victim. But who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandgirl
    Its true...I do not want to give up total control. I am controling by the giving etc.

    **Puddle of Mudd's Control always makes me stop and get in my head about sex etc (although, I hear the song may be about sex or drugs itself..)

    I do not get along well with ESFJ's. I think my mother being one may have ruined my desire to be around that type.
    I see them as very weak and in need of constant petting and reassurance. It disgusts me (no offense to anyone, just my opinion). The fact that those I have experienced get completely overwhelmed by a conversation with depth of thought also doesnt interest me. I get tired of hearing about others in their life...I see it as cheap gossipy talk.

    They just completely overwhelm me and over stimulate me.
    I prefer to have a quiet thinking type much like myself...willing to be vunerable....but not smothering....with an aggressive playful side!
    Yeah, you don't seem INTj at all ...

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    That's aggressor-victim, not aggressor-infantile.
    , LIE, ENTj logical subtype, 8w9 sx/sp
    Quote Originally Posted by implied
    gah you're like the shittiest ENTj ever!

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