When I walk into a room and see a group, I know exactly who the boss is, who the outsiders are, and who the suck-ups are etc. And my aim is to establish myself to make sure I am either a central focus for said group, or I am not part of it at all, and I walk on to find somewhere where I am part of it. I can't enter into a group and then find there is a challenge so back down and out. Nonetheless, these situations are rare, so it's hard to deduce that I am adept at social dynamics.

As far as my concerns for society are, it's how it's tied in with me and my ambition. It is not about giving myself up for society, although my reasons for becoming a lawyer may certainly imply that. When people ask me why I want to be a barrister, I say 'because it offers me a huge challenge and a lot of money if I succeed and my future family the most comfortable existence'. In a way, it is a sacrifice. I've looked at myself, and I've thought 'life is pointless. That is self-evident. Therefore, what can I do in life? I can work and make money to ensure a happy life for me and my family'. So in a way it's more self-preservationist.

The self-preservationist instinct also manifests itself in my free time, where I pretty much pursue my own interests undisturbed. When friends call me up, I'll go out, but I don't like socialising too much, because it bores the shit out of me. Basically, once you talk about stuff with uninteresting people, you're time's up. I can talk for hours with people who take a general interest in the world around them - I love talking philosophy, politics and how the world is etc. But these people are so rare and so above my age group that it's tough.

As for sexual, this is somewhat shown in the above paragraph. It's basically about bonds with said people, and finding it hard to release myself from these bonds if I really find them interesting to talk to. It's because I think 'I relish this conversation with you, and I want to talk to you for a few days non-stop. Let's just sit here and discuss and eat'. But being aware of these bonds is less so, which is why I don't think I'm a sexual dominant.