Basically the above model shows the the conscious and unconscious works in relation to model A. It can be seen from the model that the Super-Ego and the Super-Id share space. Basically, the Super-Ego is attempting to leave consciousness, and the Super Id is attempting to leave the unconscious area. Functionally, these functions are the same thing in the mental space of a particular type.

Law of Conscious: Any conscious extroverted function is a unconscious introverted function. Any conscious introverted function is a unconscious extroverted function. The level of consciousness of a function will be the level of unconscious of the shadow functions.

Basically this is saying that, as the hidden agenda for say enters conscious space, it because the opposite of extroversion/introversion. So Se agenda will be Si in conscious space. The Ego functions are the most conscious functions of a type. The Id functions are the most unconscious functions of a type. Ego will be completely visible, Id will be completely invisible. Technically the Ego block is the conscious Id block. They are all basically the same functions. The Super-Ego functions and the Super-Id functions intercept each other in way. They are technically one function. Super-Ego is the portion in conscious space, the Super Id is the part in unconscious space.