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Thread: Stankevichute Type Relation Descriptions

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    Default Stankevichute Type Relation Descriptions

    Identical (i.e. ENTp and ENTp)
    First love is more often than not supplementing or its type. Two people the same type very well understand each other, their behaviour and performance are similar to things, even they say the same words, the same words and ideas. It is clear to each other, know how to assess what the other is doing. Cooperation usually have success, but to live in marriage, it is difficult. First of all, because it is understandable - both understandable, but that it was not clear that lack of information, lack of both. Moreover, in close communication instructions and wishes seem distasteful and untimely. Most type even his partner falls in the vulnerable location-hit by "a third function." Of these two types, often breaking down.

    Mirror (i.e. INTj and ENTp)
    Although this type of relationship is within kvadry (quartet most compatible types), but it is dangerous and particularly difficult in marriage relationship. .Both were constantly trying to change each other, lecture, teach. When faced two types of ethics, they may be afraid, not to each other. When two logical - or they argue, or silent, and silence is always accompanied by stress.

    Mirrored type of relationship is not only tiring when living together another member kvadry, which is one of two complementary and the other ekstravertom.

    Dual (i.e. ENTp and ISFp)
    The best and necessary for people is the attitude of the supplement. Complement one another to communicate information that is most needed to protect the most sensitive parts of the psychological. People with a number of complementary, feel calm and safety, working willingly because I know that their efforts will be evaluated. Almost supplement may not quarrelsome, and when they argue, the Mikolka only one of them. Of course, and complementary work to come with broken spirits, can already begin in the corridor scold, but partner never think that the criticisms are there. So complain about one another reassure, and the mood of each other, they do not spoil.

    People have learned to set type, rapidly converging with its complementary, and the more they have such friends, the easier it is for them to communicate with people of another type. Those who have a father or mother were complementary, often wives or husbands to choose complementary. More difficult for those who grows without complementary. Knowing Socionics, how to set type, easily complement, but a seven-difficult. First of all, because it is believed that all may supplement, as if he knows everything and knows how ideal. After speaking more things that can be complementary to or not. Incidentally, supplementing do not want to educate, train, the better it where it is particularly difficult, much more natural to help them to do for him, that is, because the trouble.

    The additions are the same conflicts, but only misunderstandings, but they are only the beginning of communication, is not aware of another one. A particularly difficult beginning of friendship between women, ethical ekstravertami (sensorno-eticheskimi, etiko-sensornymi, intuitivno-eticheskimi, etiko-intuitivnymi) and men logical introvertami (intuitivno-logicheskimi, logiko-intuitivnymi, sensorno-logicheskimi, logiko-sensornymi).

    This type of friendship from the traditional understanding of gender relations. Logical introverty of sympathy, love is not to say, because there is no need to verbally express their feelings, they can only respond positively or negatively, when asked about this. A well-brought up woman ask or talk about first love is not. It formed a vicious circle : Ethical ekstraverty-zhenschiny can not talk about the emotions of all accumulated and inactive logical introverty in turn did not violate silence. So well, if one day they will snap ethical ekstraverta-zhenschiny prorvutsya patience and emotions. Surprised at the logical introvert would only say that the thought and speech is not clear. But so are not always. Therefore, while most people, especially youth, were novels or friendship with the additions, a few of them with families.

    Ethical ekstraverty-zhenschiny fleeing from their complementary, and the hope is not clear to sever their relationship. Logical introverty caught up in the chase, but usually not quite so almost always late. Moreover, ethical ekstravertov-zhenschin logical introvertov-muzhchin often misleading ethical ekstraverty-muzhchiny. And do it very easily, because sensorno-eticheskie, intuitivno-eticheskie, etiko-sensornye, etiko-intuitivnye ekstraverty easily talk about love, they reserve a few words such essential women, and this is how they take away from the logical introvertov partners. Ethical ekstraverty (women and men) are married in adolescence, because they do not know how to wait. For ethical ekstraverty marry among themselves, a union better, as a family of people the same or similar types that do not contribute to harmony and balance.

    Relations supplement linked to the family and those who are long friends, complete school, and only then marry. The love started in school at an age when love is not afraid to talk, but first start trusted partner when both know that will not be cheated and not leave each other. So long friends and not marry because there is mutual trust, and there is fear that the partner distract or that he leaves.

    The long and beautiful friendship established between ethical and logical ekstravertami-muzhchinami интровертами-женщинами. Incidentally, the young, knowledgeable Socionics people often marry within a few months of inspections and said that in the meantime it's enough to know each other.

    Activating (i.e. ENTp and ESFj)
    Also very good relationship, which is little different from the supplement, but communication takes place through all eight elements of the psyche. Two activator quickly find a common language, easily converge. Since communication is on the ascendant, people with family activator, more energetic, deyatelny organized. OK as possible, as this type of relationship serdyatsya one. Generally couple living in a relationship and complement activation, and often can not, that is OK. Sometimes partners to activate feel mental fatigue, but it quickly passes.

    Conflict (i.e. ENTp and ISFj)
    This is one of the most dangerous types of relationships. Talk, people automatically are engaged in disputes and to get one another in a sick place, it is hurting each other through the third function. "

    Both say offensive in the eyes of another, inappropriate words, and both alike. Logical seem selfish ethical, logical, ethical behaviour, surface, even glupovatymi and, above all, very evil.

    Particularly hard hit when it came to working together, as the manner and pace of work are different. Introverty ekstravertov accused of failing to adhere to order work to chaos. Ekstraverty zlyatsya that introverty all do very slowly. When people know how to distinguish between types of conflict they are trying to split the work, not rushed, not lecture each other. Ekstravert should not attempt to enhance introverta and introvert-control ekstraverta.

    SuperEgo (i.e. ENTp and ESFp)
    In this case, has been pursuing the idea that every partner does not specifically so is not to your liking, it happened annoying you. Sensors in this type of relationship always intuitive revenge for past wrongs suffered. Intuitive constantly criticized sensorikov, ever recall list and that those made them ill.

    Quasi-Identical (i.e. ENTp and ENTj)
    They are distinguished by the fact that, living together or close talking, arguing impossible serdyatsya one, it is separately. However, in this type of relationship is much debate, which took up a lot of energy and are not beneficial, may last indefinitely. In them there was never a winner. This type of relationship is impossible to prove anything to each other.

    When this type of relationship are two types of ethics is a violent, emotional, full of passion. When two logical, more calm, but the tension and insincerity.

    Contrary (i.e. ENTp and INTp)
    People often conflicting types like each other. Especially it is the physical evidence, such as beauty eye. Never many of these people are interested in and talk, long talk and wonder how interlocutor considering the same problem on the other hand, it peculiar mentality. But the third is available, and one of them become overweight in conversation, and immediately disappears supposed balance. If two opposite types live or work together, conflict is inevitable. There seems to be the same, but with completely opposite points of view.
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    i'm glad i'm not the only one who sees mirrors as problematic.
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