The following is a listing of each of the 64 information metabolism-exertion element pairings. Each pairing is followed by example phrases used to describe the interaction of the elements with each other.

Information Metabolism-Exertion Aspect Pairings

[IM element]: [exertion implication] [manifestation of IM element]

Introverted Thinking (structure)

Ti: structural implications of structure
(Augustan) "Structures create structures", "influence of existing structures on new
organizational constructs", "replication", "influence of existing beauracracy
on the form of its own extensions"
Te: structural implications of discourse and relation
"Communication structures reality" or "topic of communication is structure"
Fi: structural implications of motive
"Feeling contemplation", "influence of feeling on thought"
Fe: structural implications of subjectivity
"experience of thought" or "sensational thought", "thought regulation"
Ni: structural implications of sequential progression
"thoughts at moments in time", "recollection of thoughts", "future of thought",
"timelines of structural processes"
Ne: structural implications of potential
"imagined structures", "balances existant in an imagined situation"
Si: structural implications of interrelation
"convergences of seperate operations into organization", "emergent structure",
"restraints on thought placed
Se: structural implications of division/space
"observation of objective forces", "orders exerted by force"

Extroverted Thinking (discourse and relation)

Ti: relational implications of structure
"structured communication", "heiarchies of communication", "limits of
communication imposed by beauracracy"
Te: relational implications of discourse and relation
(Augustan) "limits of existing communication pathways on new communicative efforts"
Fi: relational implications of motive
"influence of feeling on communication", "influence of emotion on things said",
"influence of feeling on the acceptance of relationships", "influence of feelings
on the effectiveness of relationships"
Fe: relational implications of subjectivity
"limits of communication imposed by outlook", "dischord between opposing
Ni: relational implications of sequential progression
"memories of things said", "sequences of information exchange", "possible
progressions of dialogue"
Ne: relational implications of potential
"possible exchanges of information", "cache phrases", "potential of dialogues"
Si: relational implications of interrelation
"cultural communication boundaries", "influence of good health on relationships
with others", "influence of health deficiencies on one's ability to communicate",
Se: relational implications of division/space
"force of relationship", "influence of force on relational dynamics"

Introverted Feeling (motive)

Ti: motive implications of structure
"structure of feelings", "balances of feeling", "regimentation of persistent
Te: motive implications of discourse and relation
"feelings available in the context of relationship", "influence of discourse/
knowledge on feelings"
Fe: motive implications of subjectivity
"social regulation of internal feeling ranges", "influence of experience on
Fi: motive implications of motive
(Augustan) "self-regulations of feeling", "limits of feeling", "prospects for better feelings"
Ni: motive implications of sequential progression
"feelings at points in time", "eternal feelings"
Ne: motive implications of potential
"ranges of potential feelings", "influence of possibility on feeling"
Si: motive implications of interrelation
"feelings created by interrelation", "feelings possible in the context of an
Se: motive implications of division/space
"persistent forces of a field", "forces of feeling"

Extroverted Feeling (subjectivity)

Ti: subjective implications of structure
"structure of subjective experience", "structure of trends, movements"
Te: subjective implications of discourse and relation
"communication and exchange of experiences", "influence of knowledge on
experience of life"
Fi: subjective implications of motive
"influence of feelings on the experience of life", "feeling the essence of an
Fe: subjective implications of subjectivity
(Augustan) "emotional surgency", "spread of charge", "influence of experience
on the spread of experience", "indoctrination", "influence of existing cultural
influences on cultural developments"
Ni: subjective implications of sequential progression
"history of culture", "possible cultural evolutions or changes", "timelines
for redefining one's outlook"
Ne: subjective implications of potential
"influence of imagination on experience of life", "apphrehension of possible
life experiences, shared feelings"
Si: subjective implications of interrelation
"influence on group interdendencies on shared perceptions", "influence of the
group on the individual", "clash of identities", "influence of good health
on experience of life", "influence of defects on personality"
Se: subjective implications of division/space
"power of feeling or collective experience", "observation of motive forces
underlying mass movements, trends", "observation of forces underlying culture"

Introverted Intuition (progression)

Ti: progressive implications of structure
"paths of structural progression", "destiny of a heiarchy or system",
"end result of a decision", "logical outcome of a thought or organizational
Te: progressive implications of discourse and relation
"progression of communication", "evolution of knowledge"
Fi: progressive implications of motive
"sophistication of feeing", "evolution of self-understanding"
Fe: progressive implications of subjectivity
"cultural progression", "evolution of viewpoint"
Ni: progressive implications of sequential progression
(Augustan) "cosmology, evolution of time"
Ne: progressive implications of potential
"evolution of possibilities", "influence of possibility on ranges of progression",
"spontaneous onset of an event sequence (as in prophesy)"
Si: progressive implications of interrelation"
"outcomes of intergroup relations", "influence of health on longevity"
Se: progressive implications of activity
"sequences of activity", "instruction", "ritual", "repetition"

Extroverted Intuition (potential/imagination)

Ti: potential/imaginative implications of structure
"imaginative limits of the mind", "influence of structure on potential"
Te: potential/imaginative implications of discourse and relation
"influence of communication on potential"
Fi: potential/imaginative implications of motive
"influence of feelings on potential", "limits of imagination imposed by feeling",
"restraints of occurence imposed by feeling", "conferrence of field properties
onto contained objects"
Fe: potential/imaginative implications of subjectivity
"popular reception of new ideas"
Ni: potential/imaginative implications of sequential progression
"timeline for realized possibilities", "influence of timiing on practicality of
possibilities", "timeliness of unprecedented acts"
Ne: potential/imaginative implications of potential
(Augustan) "influence of existing imagination on formation of new ideas"
Si: potential/imaginative implications of interrelation
"limits of imagination imposed by existing interdynamics between groups"
Se: potential/imaginative implications of division/space
"power of force to restrict the fulfillment of possibilities",

Introverted Sensing (interrelation and sensation)

Ti: sensory/interrelational implications of structure
"restraints on cooperation induced by structure", "limits of cooperation
induced by beuracracy"
Te: sensory/interrelational implications of discourse and relation
"influence of dialogue on intergroup relations", "diplomacy"
Fi: sensory/interrelational implications of motive
"affect of field properties on interrelationships with other fields",
"attraction/repulsion between fields", "limits of codependence imposed by
feeling", "influence of feelings on relationships between groups"
Fe: sensory/interrelational implications of subjectivity
"influence of cultural dynamics on relations between cultures", "influence
of prejudices on international relations/relations between groups",
"observation of interrelations of fields/activities contained within engines"
Ni: sensory/interrelational implications of progression
"recall of sensations by order of their experience", "history of
interrelationships", "timeliness of cooperation between groups"
Ne: sensory/interrelational implications of potential
"apprehension of possible interrelationships between fields", "interaction
between fields of potential energy", "imagined relationships between nations
or groups"
Si: sensory/interrelational implications of interrelation
(Augustan) "influence of existing interrelations on new interrelationships", "influence
of senses on each other"
Se: sensory/interrelational implications of division/space
"influence of distance on interdynamics shared between fields", "influence
of strength on characteristics of interfield dynamics"

Extroverted Sensing (division of objects and distribution of space)

Ti: divisory/spatial implications of structure
"regimentation of force", "heiarchy of forces", "restraining forces",
"causes of force", "influence of structure on strength", "use of structure to
exert strength"
Te: divisory/spatial implications of discourse and relation
"cohesion strength", "power of communication", "dialogue awareness",
"impetus for dialogue", "forces underlying dialogue"
Fi: divisory/spatial implications of motive
"influence of emotion on things done", "influence of field attributes on actions
Fe: divisory/spatial implications of subjectivity
"influence of culture on procedure", "influence of culture on will",
"forces underlying culture", "forces underlying enthusiasm", "forces exerted
by enthusiasm", "power of enthusiasm", "forces underlying cyclical motion"
Ni: divisory/spatial implications of sequential progression
"influence of time on will", "motions in time", "variations in magnitude across
time", "memory of actions taken", "imagination of plausible sequences of
Ne: divisory/spatial implications of potential
"particle magnitudes", "will within objects, persons", "ranges of potential
Si: divisory/spatial implications of interrelation
"forces exerted by the many", "influence of the individual on group
relationships", "freedom of the one from the many", "affect of interfield
relationships on force strength levels/spatial geometry", "events conducted by
the many"
Se: divisory/spatial implications of division/space
(Augustan) "influence of existing motions on the onset of new motions",
"inertal properties underlying motion"
Please discuss and suggest additional phrases by which to describe the pairings. This is a draft list, so feel free to criticize/critique.