I am not talking about raw sex, no. I am specifically referring to the threshold that leads to the opening of the comfort zone, or initiation. Here, I will try to list some examples:

  • In the Beta quadra, there has been talk about how the ENFj wants the ISTj's aggression. The ENFj's polr, Si, starts fluttering, acting clumsy, etc, before the LSI, and the LSI is supposed to see this as an indication that assertiveness is being needed. (again, not necessarily sex, but sexual approach, indications of desire, or even making out, foreplay initiators. Signals. Almost, if you will, specific mating patterns)

    To parallel that, for the alpha rational quadra,
    I have somewhat experienced the following: The ESE approaches and shows interest in the LII, who perhaps slightly indicates interest, but shows little initiative. This entices the ESE, who is intrigued by seeing someone who needs care, and yet resists somewhat. The LII's porl flutters, as he shows uncertainty in how to act, yet is captivated by how the ESE is making him feel in combination with Si.

In both cases the S type initiates things more so, and the N type shows more vulnerability.
I was wondering if you have experienced this, or seen any patterns amongst the types in this way.

Specific issues to note, are, for one thing, the "polr fluttering". I wonder what the reciprocal effect of this is for the other types involved -- what an ISTj feels when he sees an ENFj acting that way, etc,, and what function that is attributed too. Creative function? It seems like the lack of Si triggers an Se response. And for the alpha rational couple, the opposite. The ESE sees the lack of Se in this area, and as such is compelled to give and use even more Si (?).

What do you think