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Thread: Dual-type theory: Proposed IM-IE Relationship Model

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    Default Dual-type theory: Proposed IM-IE Relationship Model

    I've prepared a draft model of the relationship between information metabolism and exertion. Shown here is a 9 stage process for evaluating information within the context of a single Model-A block. (an accepting-producing function combo e.g. ego, superego, superid, id.)

    1st stage: perception of relevant information elements within the surrounding environment (physical or memorized) by the accepting IM function.
    2nd stage: perception of a sub-element within the observed elements; specifically, activity forms underwent by the perceived elements. (exerted information)
    3rd stage: relevance of the activity forms to the state of the producing IM function.
    4th stage: perception of the activity consequences of the producing IM function's state by means of apprehending the producing sub-function/exertion function.
    5th stage: perception of the need to change the producing IM function's state.
    6th stage: consideration of the influence of accepted perceptions on the activity of the accepting exertion function.
    7th stage: consideration of the effect of the accepting exertion function's work on the situation perceived by the producer IM function.
    8th stage: consideration of the activity underwent by the producing IM function to one's own activity/consequences to self.
    9th stage: if consequences exerted by the producing IM function are unacceptable, return to stage 5 and continue to stage 9. Else, observe the new situation from the vantage point of the next acceptor function and return to stage 1.
    I should say, this seems to correspond to the flow of speech in a person. (and correspondingly, to their ideological development)

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    concrete example please


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