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Thread: Learning Styles test from H. Gardner

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    Default Learning Styles test from H. Gardner

    Today Lytov posted the reference to the test of H.Gardner (about 7 types of intellect).
    I am not sure if it has been already discussed here. I found it very interesting and found an English version of the test here:

    I would never think that by writig numbers somebody could read my mind

    I have got intrapersonal intelligence and left part of the brain working better. The right part is associated with intuition. On the russian site they give slighlty different information regarding suitable professions and what part of the brain is used. The english version of test contains questions. The Russian version is more entertaining.

    TEST Write into two columns ten pairs of two-digit numbers, moreover in each pair the first two-digit number must be more than the second. You will accumulate the numbers of first column. The obtained sum let us designate as "n1". But the sum of the numbers of the second post - as "n2". And let us calculate coefficient from the formula: To = n1:n2. K = are more than 1,8 - right hemisphere. K = are less than 1 - left hemisphere K = 1 - 1,8 - equally thinks both by right and left hemisphere.

    EXPLANATION "pravopolusharnik = "right hemisphere, i.e., man with the well developed intuition and thinking emotionally and by means, it writes the numbers, without thinking. And, as a rule, the difference between the pairs of numbers is very high. For example, 55 and 22, 23 and 18. But "levopolusharnik =left hemisphere " , will think before writing number one hundred times , will twist hundreds of versions of possible results. And as a result - as shows practice - difference between the pairs of numbers it proves to be minimum. For example, 13 and 11, 77 and 68. In the "yeoman farmers" usually fall people, which to the end of their days cannot determine their destination in this life. The difference between the pairs of numbers in them usually is chaotic: 88 and 11, 45 and 44.

    Advice: a little less emotions - and your the life also of quarry will be formed successfully. But if you have actively left hemisphere, then you will solve any problem with the aid of the logic, after using deductive method. Sherlock Holmes - close to you in spirit . Before making something you will measure seven times. Strong will, but you are difficult to convince. You energetically and persistently attain your purpose in the field of the economy, philosophy, management. You find friends with difficulty. In the selection of partner for the marriage frequently you make mistakes. Therefore in your life divorces and new marriages are not excluded.

    Advice: you be more simple - and people will come to you. But if both hemispheres are operating, then you belong to the very rare types of homoapiyens. You toss between the indecision and the hardness. An analytical turn of mind is combined with the softness of nature. You are very suggestive and therefore you are subjected to strange influences. But in the face of the present danger you prove to be defenseless. In the personal life you converge easily with the people. And you are disappointed also easily in them. Your emotionality and resoluteness make you to be politician, priest or teacher.

    Advice: so that the success would not pass past you by side, correctly evaluate your possibilities and "do not be buried". However, not all is determined by "strategy" of the hemispheres of the brain. Scientists consider that the types of intellect are more than two, their seven. And these "faces of mind" are manifested not only because of the domination of the right or left hemisphere of the brain, but also in view of other psychological special features of man (see the types of intellect below).

    I am not sure if we can associate lef hemisphere with rationality and right with irrationality based on these descriptions?

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    This is not really a typology, but rather an inventory, like MMPI.

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    We have to buy the thing? Fuck that...
    But, for a certainty, back then,
    We loved so many, yet hated so much,
    We hurt others and were hurt ourselves...

    Yet even then, we ran like the wind,
    Whilst our laughter echoed,
    Under cerulean skies...

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