Functions are ordered like this.


1. Differentiation and Strength

Functions 1234 have high differentiation. Functions 5678 have low differentiation.
Functions 1278 have high strength. Functions 3456 have low strength.

Differentiation and Strength can be compared to Amplitude and Bitrate of digital signals (e.g. sound).

2. Nature of IM flows

Function 1 has most focus. Let's consider it rigid.
Function 2 has less focus than function 1. Let's consider it flexible.

Information of functions 1 and 2 are compared and information of function 2 modifies to reflect better information of function 1.

Function 3 adapts to function 2.

Function 4 is very weak, so it doesn't much have adaptation capability (to function 3). This is why functions 1 and 4 are rigid and functions 2 and 3 flexible.

Information is more likely to flow like 12341, although flows between 3 and 4, and between 4 and 1 are somewhat weak. It's all about comparison and modification.

Functions 7856 are mirror to 1234. The nature of the flow is the same, except that functions manage less differentiated information.

For example : let's suppose that J is differential and P is integral. IM is a continuous process of differentiation-integration.