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Thread: Some (possibly lesser known) linguists

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    Default Some (possibly lesser known) linguists

    suzette haden elgin

    one of those linguists who drives a lot of other people crazy, if only because she's a fan of conlangs such as esperanto and has even authored one. writes science fiction on the side and creates conlangs. i actually like some of her work quite a bit as she tends to want to teach women how to argue effectively without turning everything into a simple pissing match and how to avoid verbal abuse/manipulation. i think this can be very helpful for some young women. joy-ish, in a way.

    peter ladefoged

    probably wrote the best damned primer on the IPA/phonetics in existence, did a massive amount of fieldwork in phonetics. very extensive textbook. died last year while i was using his textbook. i believe he surfed as a part time hobby. was actually a consultant in the production of my fair lady.

    stephen krashen

    i used to be a really big fan of his work in highschool and probably would have supported some stephen krashen fanclub had there been such an organization at my school. big supporter of instructional scaffolding, basically meaning that you give a student some "training wheels" to work with and then gradually take them away as they learn to do things on their own and with their own motivation etc. thus, a big supporter of not overloading people with wayyyyy too much information and letting them go step by step, just a step above their current level of comprehension. there are obviously flaws all over this statement (how the heck do you measure exactly what their current level is, etc etc.) i believe he has a black belt in karate.

    (does he remind anyone slightly of Slava?)
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    First one seems ESTP.

    The second seems INFP.
    Well I am back. How's everyone? Don't have as much time now, but glad to see some of the old gang are still here.

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