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    @ Your Bicycle woman shoutout - Would Repopulate the earth with her/10

    My turn: - cordially signed, @1INT Vault Dweller
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    Hm the IEE hp-cog examples that I've found were posted here: -both, the "chopping out a bulk of deliberation" and "reducing personality to its minimal expression" are related to this style of thinking. It's similar to what SLEs accomplish but comes with a personal Fi focus. Another tip is this particular writing style. This was composed as a parody on some socionics types by a guy who self-typed as ILI, and I've found this to be rather on point as to the written expression: "On the forums, besides providing free psychological help and counseling to all those who asked for it and didn't ask for it, Huxley theorize on philosophical, socionical, and other abstract topics. At the same time, they write just as they speak - productively, copiously, but disjointly, without assumptions, without findings, without beginnings or endings, and even without paragraphs. Reading this and penetrating into these funky in form and in content textual samples can be done only out of great sympathy for Huxleys. If you succeed, be assured - Huxley won't be stingy with the reward and in a short time will roll the next opus. Enjoy!"
  3. Thanks
    Nothing much - just studying - some friends are moving away or are finishing their degees. It feels like entering a new stage in life and I'm not ready. What about you?
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    "Yeah, now that I think about it, going into theology when you were a new atheist seems very Ni valuing in that you were placing yourself in an extreme circumstance by pitting yourself against opposing ideologies - no doubt a case in which you employed a lot of DA reasoning by viewing the subject matter from different angles."

    Yes this seems right. I was a piece of shit who liked being the odd one out and taking contrarian positions. Very competitive. These days I am much more chill but also did start watching Jordan Peterson specifically to hear good arguments against my own opinions. And this sort of attitude is why my opinions change regularly (consistent putting them to test and fine tuning) and why I have new identities every few years haha.

    In which case we are back to being duals! it explains all the laughter and easily talking for 2.5 hours or whatever it was. I think you appear different through text as well. Like you seem softer (maybe more noticeably Fe valuing?) in person. Well 'in person'. And, like I said, experiencing that made me realise the person I was talking to the other day is probably ESI because I didn't have that same sense of fun with him.
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    Ahh okay I remember - it was something like I like the term (like being a fighter for justice and equality sounds kick ass) but it's used as an insult. So it's weird because I'm not part of the SJW community (though I'm sure many people would link me with it) but I'd love to be called the insult that they get given and I don't really understand why being a 'social justice warrior' is a bad thing so don't get it as an insult

    This bit that you said: "Case in point: No matter how advanced sexbots become, or how lifelike providers make them, you don't have to learn to respect a sexbot if it's your property." is perfect! I guess my point builds on that, which is that you can't really ever disrespect the sexbot either. No matter what you do to it, it's still your property and designed to do what you want it to do. So if you enjoy disrespecting women, disrespecting a robot in a woman's likeness won't work. Also, lmao - I've avoided that thread completely until now because I didn't want to get sucked into it

    But yes, as soon as I re-read the article I was like "oh right - that's DA." Looool so back to EIE?
  6. Yes precisely.

    Funny, not that long ago a made a post about that subject here, in my own CD style:

    Your premise is framed through DA and a lot of your reasoning is framed through DA as well. You're a good writer.
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    haha I think this might seem DA: I also have a longer (4k) piece I wrote for my MA but this one is more informal so probably reflects my style better AND is an example of something I came up independently. This is the sort of thing I sit around thinking about and 'crystallising'
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    idk if this is helpful but I have some pieces of written work I could send you where you could see me build and explain an argument. Idk how useful that is for cognitive style?
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    oooommmggg haha. yeah I did think our conversation was good. Probably better than my conversations with SLEs. What did I do that was DA?
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    omg what is with the face
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