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  1. I'm buying t his, is BW:

  2. PART II:

    I was waiting for BTS to show up on the red carpet with an IEE, and we were commenting on everyone's fashion. She kept asking me about Kelly Rowland's outfit, I tried to evade the questioning 'cuz it was obvious she loved it and just wanted me to agree with her sentiment, which I didn't. After she pestered me for a while I gave my (partially negative) assessment, and she got upset. As usual she was trying to convince me to "see things her way", basically she's always saying that I should low the bar for everything.

    Basically what she said, what's in quotes is verbatim:

    -come off as too "dry and categorical" constantly durng critiques
    -"professional level" demands about everything
    -too rigid and unforgiving in judgements
    -never seem to relax
    -"Why can't you just enjoy things?" a.k.a uncriteriosuly and undiscrimniantly like things like she does
    -my self sufficiency disturs her, she even brought up a shitty "friendship" she prefers to maintain with a fucked up person to being alone as an argument

    She was utterly incapable of understanding that that's the way I am and I can't help it or change it. And utterly incapable of understanding how one can be happy this way. She kept insisting that she didn't think it was wrong to be this way, but it "worried her, because I'm too young" lol. As much as it worried me until very recently that she's so laissez-faire and clueless being as old as she is. After I explained to her that that's how my mind works and that yes, I'm absolutely happy and unbothered she seemed to finally understand. In any case, from 4 possibilities I'm now down to 2.


    -Clarkson was atrocious, but Aguilera and Demi so on point. No comments on Gomez, I can't even. I thought women generally got it really wrong, and also were very lazy with their choices. The men stole the show o that department. About the problematic trio, at least they served a purpose. Thankfully Bangtan is smart enough not to mingle with that sort. I'm catching up now and haven't watched their last lives. I can't believe Hobi is at it again, we're truly blessed
  3. -Sony deal: they are in the clutches of the devil now, may MJ look over them

    -I actually seriously doubt there was any foul play involved, the sound and camera work was very wishy washy, did you see Gaga's stage? I couldn't see her through those awfully bright and yellow lights not to mention the out of control fog, apparently neither could the cameraman, he let her disappear several times. Her voice was also almost inaudible at times, completely drawn out by the instrumental. Macklemore also had bad audio that progressively got worse, frankly, I just think it's imcomtence. And even above that, inexperience in dealing with a group like BTS. Who else dances like that in America? Nobody since N'SYNC, and that was what, 15 years ago? Yeah, they don't know how to deal. As for the chants, honestly they had too, they were so loud they surely didn't expect that, and couldn't find a way to mix in in real time, so went the safe rode.

    -Yes the Zach interview the best EVER, and "boyfriends or girlfriends" is now down on K-pop history. Namjoon my rainbow king, I'm so proudLOL, looked like Lucky Charms, and Yoongi is ridiculous, he's at the bottom of the list on that category But he was a god last night so I forgive him, also, his honey dripping eyes to Hobi

    -Funny you mentioned PCA, because my argument was precisely about that

    (TBC, it won't let me post evrything)
  4. Have I witnessed the utter murder of each and every person present at the Microsoft theater in real time?


    I suffered through hours of deadly boring people and amateurish school play level performances just to see the kings wipe the stage clean. But it was worth it, they were finally treated like the royalty that they are, it was also the first fun red carpet of my life.

    I felt so vindicated at the audience (not ARMY) going completely nuts at them, like they'd never seen anything like it (probably haven't) AND, they got top billing!!! Unfortunately I picked the wrong moment to go to the bathroom and missed Demi's performance and therefore Jin's kiss and Kookie's munching So many new memes too, what was that woman sitting on Joon and Min's lap?!? And Hong Kong leaving to get cheese fries, I almost pitied him, he went for nothing. And their looks! Tae as the new Jin! Their obsessed celebrity fanboys! EVERY FUCKING THING
    This is me to everyone I know right now:

    Also, during red carpet I had an "argument" that narrowed the hunt down to two options, so besides hopefully classifying things forever it was productive in that way too
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    OMG BABE How did I not even get a notification about this!?

    Love you girlieeeee!

  6. I picked too many pics and I'm having trouble cutting them down to the same number in the others posts, I want to be fair

    Gurl I haven't even watched Joon's or the Run 27 ep, it's on my playlist now. But I got sidetracked when someone linked me a Jimin eating disorder video It's the sort of thing you want to stop watching but can't, you know? Because it's so accurate and full of evidence...

    Led Velvetu brought the big guns this time, it's everything I ever wanted since Automatic, man murderers satanic queens, the lives are great too
  7. Finishing up my analysis post, now I just need to include the pics

    It should have been up a day and a half ago but you know, a band called BTS won't stop dropping content, and now Red Velvet is back, so I got a little distracted

    Also, dying to see Patron Saint of Daegu in his fan killer bandana feat Fire MV set

  8. Yes I've seen it, and it gave me life

    Also, the official name change thing, finally.
  9. Random Message to present this cute guy:

  10. Save your imagination for juicier things, hon'

    You've already seen me

    But really, I'm curious as to whether it matches reality
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