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    *knocks on door*, don't you want to be friends with Jesus?
  2. Hey, kennst du Cartoon Hangover's Bee and Puppycat ?
    schau mal rein, wenn du Lust hast. Ziemlich Delta finde ich, aber auf jeden Fall süß und ein bisschen schräg :'D
  3. Frohes Neues <3
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    Thank you, Chae Merry Christmas to you too!
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    Hope you're having a blast of a holiday yourself Chae and thanks for the wishes
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    Thanks chae you too
  7. Hello Chae, thank you very much for your thoughtful Christmas message. I hope you have wonderful holidays and a great new years eve. Please continue your marvelous work on this forum next year. I wish you happiness and health in 2018.
  8. Happy Christmas to you also. It is excellent to have something to look forward to at the darkest time of the year. But there will still be another two months of cold yet, even with increasing daylight.
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    Oh sorry had missed this. Just had my brother's new gf move in and been a bit hectic here. Will give it more time after things settle. Happy Holidays!
  10. I can't listen to him or watch him, I don't know if I ever will. I cried earlier when I saw his funeral picture, I'm just glad Onew was there for Key.

    It's not really about being comfortable, it's a gut reaction thing. It doesn't mean I like the idea of being SxE, it's just that I have come to the acceptance of the fact. I made peace with it, like a "love yourself, peace" thing. A big thing that kept coming up more and more frequently over time was the whole remembering who you were as a young child. The natural unadulterated you, before the world shaped you. It was so painful I kept running away from it. When I stopped, it caught up with me.

    I'm not gonna say anything on your new typing of Jimin, your attitude about Zero grants it irrelevant. Don't write anything if it's on just my account, do things comfortably. I just realize now that we are very unlikely to ever find common ground in typings again, since our interpretations of the elements are so vastly different. Not that I'm that surprised, not when you've already typed GD (and me) as EIE while typing CL as Ego. It's funny because just yesterday I was surprised at how popular JLaw's typing of ENFJ (in MBTI) is. Many think ENxP or ESxP too, but her as Ego is crazy to me. I did consider ESFJ though. It does say a lot about Ethics when I never see people debating on vs , or vs Egos like that. Not even vs is so divisive. In MBTI is common to be in doubt whether someone is a high user, or just inferior . Tricky things, feelings are.

    I don't whether you've already retyped the rest of Bangtan and as what, but assuming you didn't, they'd be a 5 out of 7 Egos

    As for Bris, he monetized 3 videos about a person he had never heard of hours after their death. So call me cynical and oversensitive if you will, but that really rubbed me off the wrong way. How can you "react" (God, that rises bile inside me) to a death tribute made to a complete stranger? What can you contribute with even comment wise when none of those images mean anything to you? I don't see where's the "homenage" in that, I really don't.
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About Chae

Basic Information

Date of Birth
October 3, 1996 (21)
About Chae
7th Semester Communcation/Cultural Management
Languages, Spirituality, LGB, EDM, K-Pop, Dance, Human Rights, Psychology.
C-ENFx Sx/So 3w4


I need some things that I want in my life now. I own so much but I have even more to lose. Big house, supercar, money, honor. Yeah... a superstar
Art fills the walls in my room, my house is a gallery. Feel free to visit comfortably anytime. I’m just living like I used to
Like my childhood wish, like the people on TV. I’m living it up but I’m still sad and lonely. A corner of my heart is empty. I need somebody, I ain't got nobody
Petrus, Latour, Margaux, Conti, Jayer. I obsess over 1988 vintage, but (I need some) friends who are the same age as me. Instead I pour my own glass and drink by myself
I'm tired. Today, tomorrow, every day is filled with work. But if there wasn't anything tomorrow it'd be strange. Hello? Is there anyone there?
"You’re so admirable."
Softly, softly come on over here. Don’t cry, why are you crying? Why are we both crying? Ask the stars, ask them.
I need somebody, I ain't got nobody

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