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    Yes your avatar pic is low-key mesmerizing.
  2. Thanks my girlie, that was fast! I'm gonna attack the material now and probably come back with thoughts. See ya later
  3. I need your help: I'm trying to make sense of (lol, right?) of to make sure I'm not mixing it up with/mistaking for anything else. Do you have good resources to recommend? Can be any media form
  4. Lol, I've watched those videos so many times I know all the lines by heart

    You know what's funny? Before I scrolled down and saw what you wrote underneath my immediate thought was "They're doing "Mama"?", that's how you know you made an iconic masterpiece

    Oh don't mention the dirty c word in my presence right now If you go to that thread you'll see a difference. There's a reason for that.

    I'm currently watching MAMA and trying not to eye roll too much, the production and camera work has never been so terrible. I swear though that wifi is faster here than in Korea, I'm not buying we have the faster connection anymore
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    Oh haha, you're kidding ... Viva la revolución Or I should really post something Russian haha.

    I'm good thanks - looking forward to Thursday (I think haha) for some home decorating. Saturday I may be disappearing into the hills for some cold camping, but, I like to see the stars. We should all go! Surely someone could play guitar lol x

    But... How is the wonderful Chae? Looking very Christmassy lol
  6. "The Devil held me in his clutches, the enemy was behind me"

    "He too was a temper"

    "He, too, was a link to the second, the evil world with which I no longer wanted to have anything with"

    "A loud mixture of horrendous, intriguing, frightful, mysterious things"

    "That God's name is Abraxas"

  7. I did the same thing yesterday

    I'm thankful for this performance and the deleted interview bits because they're keeping K-Diamonds busy. It's serving as a temporary distraction from the whole Ellen controversy thing and the trashcan attack. Besides, I love how HD Ellen videos are, the lightening and camera work are such a humiliation to the AMAs, I can't

    On the performance itself:

    What was that "Let's go!" I wanna spank him so hard, TaeTae is ON FIRE in both Ellen stages God bless the air in the studio that day This was Nam's best "take it, take it", and for the firt time in my ARMY history Jungkook got me feeling some type of way. I don't like it, he's a baby, make it stop I also claim the 5th on commenting on Kid Hands Devil, his existence is entirely too much for me at the moment.

    And of course, VOCALS!!! Lol at Nam being so happy he was ad-libbing throughout the whole thing (and doing that sexy chest roll thing!), and that satanic creature sending a heart, does he think he can fool me?!? He can't, I'm aware of his succubus nature Did you see that smirk when the camera panned at him?!? Thankfully Tae made me laugh during his bridge, but then Gumiho had to be extra again with those thrusts, I'm so glad Hobi's, Jin's and Suga's outfits didn't fit this performance, at least I wasn't attacked by them too.

    They never performed better on tv, it's obvious the freedom this format permits has hyped them up and allowed them to just be. Don't get me wrong, I love our native music shows, but having to be aware and defer to so many cameras at the same time, rehearse thing to the minute and do the same performance again and again takes away any rawness or unadulterated energy, which is what we got here. These stages really were like their concerts, and Bangtan is never happier than when they are on a concert stage.
  8. How can dare he think this is acceptable and won't have consequences:

    Look at this satanic bitch enjoying his slayage:

    I hate him.

    And don't mention Bandana Bandit, he was feeling his power over the audience, I love how Hobi's mere existence cracked his stone face Nam was so freaking cute I wanted to punch him in the face, and what about Jin being his unapologetic embarrassing self, God bless and I wonder what Tae drank that he hated so much!

    PCA: Nam & J were the best, specially Nam with that hair color. Kookie was pretty ok all things considered. The thing with Him Who Must Not Be Named is that he looks good in anything, that bastard. But they were all anime sparkling so who gives a damn about what they we're wearing, I'm dead on the floor after that stage, I think it was the best they ever had
  9. Oh and by the way: have I told you I finally accepted Park Jimin as my Lord and Savior? Because I have.
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