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    <3 <3 <3 one of my all time fav songs, you know me well

    doin pretty good, trying to stay on top of my new years resolutions hbu?
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    <3 song

    type update: yeah i think ESI, tho sometimes i have doubts.. but no one is a perfect example of their type ig. when i joined the forum in 2016 i was totally convinced i was EII, but for like the past year ive slowly been changing my mind. sometimes ive gone back on EII just b/c its familiar and whatever, but if i were being totally honest i dont feel its accurate. i grew up in a rly delta household so i think that mightve contributed to my type confusion

    a lot of people type me ILI but. i rly dont think thats right LoL (im weird but not as weird as the ILIs ive known) tho i get it... i self type as H (dcnh) which accentuates intro-irrational fxns iirc + gives an Ip impression

    and ty~ holidays were fun this year, had a blast
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    lol Christ I'm passive aggressive. I just handed out an apology to your friend as well, fwiw.
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    I agree that it's a credit to Socionics that their theorists have come up with criteria and explanations where MBTI theorists have not. HP cognition is cool - sbbds has it in spades. You notice the way she debates? She sees the whole picture, so she can parse out what's "behind the scenes", whether it's the subtext of an argument or the intentions of the person making the argument. It's useful for IEI because when IEI and SLE interact, IEI chugs through the experimental process I mentioned earlier and SLE sees all the results, picks out the relevant bits, and the process continues, averting both an overload of information and a deficiency in information. I'm not completely shy of doing the HP thing, but mostly it's about developing causal explanations for how things work. It is nice that Socionics, as it stands, has criteria that allows users to get to the bottom of whether they're introverted or extraverted in a way that MBTI does not. Socionics has a lot of detailed material to make deductions from, which is useful because the Forer effect more greatly influences the typing process the more vague descriptions are.
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    Ok, well you know you better than I do. IEI tends to hypothesize, test, observe, explain, hypothesize, test, observe, explain, and so on into infinity when they're interested in something. Intuition leads the whole process in that IEI perceives something that can be brought to light. With you, the emphasis on Fe and contraflow instinct probably explains differences in what I'm perceiving, then.

    Yes, I agree that the forms of cognition are very interesting. I wish the typing "authorities" here gave them more credence.
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    You mentioned you typed as IEI and I typed you as EIE. Tbh, between the IEI D typing and EIE, the difference is practically negligible because D signifies pronounced extraverted rational function. But this is my criteria for typing EIE:

    Gulenko's forms of cognition are based on Reinin as well. I use this criteria because I think the forms of cognition have a significant impact on ITR, so they dovetail with the aspects of Socionics we directly experience, which are as empirical as things get for the time being.

    Just FYI
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    lool my theme song

    re: the witch, haha that wasnt me actually, that was hag 2 w/ the black phillip pic, but i did pick out his avatar so its all the same its my fav too, i also liked hereditary and ex machina (by the same studio iirc?). but yeah i rly liked the atmosphere of that movie. iconique
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    d'aw thanks, happy new year

    dunno if you like nick cave, but, song for you:
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    i self type as fi lead lol. im partial to ESI atm. and 9w1 sp/sx i think
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