• Esenin, Female portrait, INFp by Beskova

    Esenin, Female portrait, INFp by Beskova

    Female IEI is the embodiment of the conventional ideas of femininity. She is mysterious, elusive, changeable, emotional, risible, and fascinating. Yet, she still seem so sensitive, brittle, and defenseless to the point that it would make any man want to instantly protect her. She appears changeable and often has childishly tender face, dresses stylishly. Rarely does she laugh, but when she does, she fills the room with positive energy. Her gait is swift but not very purposeful. It seems like in any moment she will change her direction from where she wanted to go to in the first place.

    In school, IEI girl looks generally happy and is often the soul of her social group. Boys will fall for her, sometimes obsessively. Her stormy personal life can have a negative influence on her school life. Although they have academic potential in any discipline, female IEIs flourish best in subjects such as humanities, literature, arts and theater, sociology and psychology. They tend to avoid athletics and sport, although given their flexibility and mobility, figure skating, gymnastics, and dance are not uncommon activities for the IEI to undertake.

    The essence of a female IEI's character is very sociable and uplifting. She has a large social group with whom she consorts and talks with frequently. She's always optimistic, and because of the light she radiates she draws in many different kinds of people. It can be intriguing that she as if has the ability to predict fate. She loves to read verses to an audience. She listens to all with interest and expresses warm affections. She flirts creatively, manifesting resourcefulness and speed, which never fails to charm men. Indeed for men this is pleasant, to perceive oneself as strong and courageous, to approach her, to take her by the hand and to bring her along, but especially to show oneself as strong and daring where she hesitates, where she is in danger, to help her and support her, to be next to her.

    If there forms an impression that it is possible to take her straight away by naked hands, in reality this can't be further from the truth. IEI female is not completely defenseless and knows how to stand up for herself and attain what she wants. She uses emotions as the finest tool of exerting her influence (which she frequently does without any pangs of conscience). As long as everything is going well, she can be as playful and soft as a kitten, but if something is not right according to her she will become angry and start to threaten, blackmail, promise to end relations if you do not do as she wants.

    She is very responsive to any tomfoolery and pranks. With her it is never boring. Being selflessly brave and even reckless, she can propose some very risky activities, which without her nobody would have even though of. For example, in the middle of the night to climb up to the very top of university's main building and get to the spire itself, to which there is no access and where the doors have been boarded up. Much excitement and fear to be experienced by everyone! And all this adventure will be accompanied invariably by her crystal laughter. Grief to those who will fall into the whirlpool of her emotions and adventurism, especially men for she knows well how to make them follow her as if on a rope.

    An example from life: "I decided to part with her and in the evening invited her to a cafe in order to say this. Everything was going well. She related to my words with understanding. We were parting as friends. As 20:30 I accompanied her to the nearest subway station and was ready to turn around and go home myself. At this point her mother called and asked her with urgency to purchase and bring home some medicine. She became terribly upset and said that she does not want to go home because she has quarreled with her mother. First we purchased the medicine before the drugstore closed, but then for some reason we ended up going for a walk. We arrived at her home when it was already midnight. She entreated me not to leave but to wait for her on the staircase. And of course I could not leave her! She entered the apartment and I heard her mother shouting while she started crying. I understood that she won't be let out again. At this moment she calls me on the cell phone and in the tears starts begging me to devise a way to get her out. I rang the door bell and very politely asked her mother to let out her out temporarily. I lied that tomorrow in the morning I am leaving and would like to say my goodbye to her right now. Her mother believed me. Then for some reason we ended up on the roof, she has much cheered up, we laughed and talked. At 2am she said that we should go, so we drove over to my place. We drank tea and at 3am she said that she is leaving but doesn't want to be accompanied. I went to sleep and the next day was late for work."

    Female IEIs love to shape their feelings into lyric and romantic forms. For example, to symbolically burn a handkerchief of a dear person with whom she has ended relations - this is in their style. Sometimes they behave according to the principle "the worse, the better", forcing themselves into blind alleys and dead ends, and then proceeding to complain to others about the heavy fate that befell them. They love to tell their girlfriends how others have mistreated them. In reality, they are simply lacking in sufficient impressions and strong, bright emotions in this dull daily life. Thus they will attempt to decorate their life with the aid of the emotions.

    If an IEI became your wife, try to make all of the decisions of major importance yourself. This will be easier for her and calmer for you. If she is in charge of money in the family don't be surprised if you end up in debt. Money with inevitably regularly disappear somewhere. It will be good if you buy the products, wash the dishes, and arise at night to tend to the children. This not a traditional distribution of responsibilities, but next to you is such fascinating being, so playful and risible, subordinate and always attentive to your solutions, one that greatly decorates your life. True, your wife also knows how to skillfully spoil the mood, but this will be followed by a beautiful scene of stormy reconciliation and everything will become well again. Female IEIs are knowledgeable in matters of love and are capable of supporting this state both in themselves and in their partner for years.

    They are very devoted to their children. They think about their future and direct their development in accordance with their inclinations and talents. They know how to create light and merry holiday-like atmosphere in the family. Moreover, your house will be always open to friends and the new acquaintances.

    Also they drive very rapidly and love to travel, so that you are guaranteed to have new impressions.

    They find work as teachers or instructors of history, literature and foreign language. They are also successful as journalists, psychologists, museum workers, stylists, artists, and modelers.

    At work, females IEIs like to associate with people; therefore work will bring them more satisfaction if it will be connected to people. If this work requires solitude and concentration, for example, the editorial work, then it will brighten female IEI's life to be able to interact with people in her surroundings. She knows how to make her co-workers laugh and how to energize her colleagues, thus her colleagues won't refuse themselves the opportunity to chat with her.

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