• Esenin, Male portrait, INFp by Beskova

    Esenin, Male portrait, INFp by Beskova

    The young male IEI is usually charming and pleasant in appearance. His essence is poetic. His initially melancholy gaze though soon becomes sly and playful. An endearing smile lights up his lips. The pensive, bowed head, in some cases long hair down to the shoulders, black sweater and jeans make up the image of modern-day male IEIs, however, discussion on style is usually not within the circle of their interests. As children and adolescents male IEIs are characteristically slender and graceful, though they can grow more heavy with age.

    In younger years, he is timid and amiable, goofy and whimsical, flighty and adventurous. He sensitively deals with his own emotions and your own, so that you find yourself at times laughing out loud at his ridiculous jokes, and at other times fall into grief together with him.

    He is sufficiently sociable, readily initiates contact and talks to people, but generally does not strive to ascend to the top of the social ladder, preferring instead to remain out of the limelight. He rarely takes initiative, and more often than not will wait until the right moment arises. He may quietly stand alone, aloof and away from the group, until he is noticed. If this occurs, he begins to make light conversation, displaying attentiveness, smiling, and throwing in light jokes once in a while. One of his distinctive traits is that you can direct him to move to the right or to the left. He does not resist volitional force, unless it is too rough.

    Frequently, youths of this type write reasonably good verses (usually poetry about nature and love), or he will read you the poetry of his favorite authors, desiring to make an impression and predispose you to him.

    The boy of this type usually does quite well in school, if his upbringing has been good and parents guided him with a strong hand. If this is the case, such boys make decent marks and are well-behaved. Otherwise, the complete opposite may be be true!

    They are very quick, mobile, and will literally fly in movement, devise different games, harmless diversions, and drawings. They dislike bad luck and simply want to have fun. If a boy of this type enjoys sport, he usually prefers those in which fast response and speed is necessary.

    In school, humanitarian subjects are recommended for him. With the right diligence he can completely master mathematics and physics, but more often literature, languages, and arts attract attention of this type of youth. Frequently the male IEI is drawn to theater and poetry clubs, where he can engage in unlimited self-expression, finding use to the rich range of his emotions.

    Although male IEI is more inclined to solitude, he nevertheless loves to spend time in company of others. He has a small circle of friends, but knows how to rapidly strike temporary friendships even with unfamiliar people and then entire evening treat them as friends.

    When all around him familiar and unfamiliar people gather to spend time together, his mood rises. While in this good mood and involved in the moment, he will joke and cheer and entertain everyone from his very soul, for he is not lacking in charm and is overflowing with positive emotion. But this is not a loud youth, so that if company gathers too numerous and very noisy, he can remain in the background unnoticed.

    Male IEI is amiable, charming, non-aggressive and resourceful, so that he is often quite attractive to the opposite gender. He is easily conquered because he is compliant and indecisive, so if girl acts very energetically and persistently he will yield to her. However, it is necessary to consider that at first the male IEI can yield and being absorbed in the moment and the current mood even propose to marry you tomorrow. But just as easily as he asks this today, tomorrow he can change his mind. If he has changed his mind, he will have enough obstinacy and perseverance to escape from his promises. Young male IEIs are very careful and try to avoid arranged traps. Moreover they have the talent to foresee the course of events, which helps them to protect themselves from unnecessary encroachments.

    If you married a male IEI, take the responsibility for making the major decisions for both of you, such as decisions about large purchases, repairs, change of apartments, and other serious everyday matters. You will have a thoughtful, tender husband, who never will refuse to help you in all your undertakings. Well, in almost all, since it is extremely difficult to draw them to repair things and to other critical matters.

    An example from life: "I have been trying to persuade my IEI husband to purchase new furniture for the kitchen for a while now. When money appeared, I proposed we depart on Saturday in the morning, go to the store and buy the furniture which I liked. On Saturday morning he arose in bad spirits, and as soon as I said that it is time to go, he started to nervously pace across the room and then asked: "So we just go and spend all this money immediately?! Do you think all this furniture is really necessary? Why are we making this decision so hastily? We should discuss and re-calculate everything again. What's the hurry?" Seeing how he has become very anxious, I proposed that we put off the purchase. Two weekends we have spent discussing this step. On Sunday evening he was in the state of complete prostration. Monday he stayed entire day at work and apparently was distracted and calmed down. After work we met up, went to the store and purchased new kitchen furniture ".

    Your IEI husband will hold absolute leadership in the family for the maintenance of emotional climate. When in good spirits, he will warms up relatives and friends with his playful jokes. He knows how to cheer up and to inspire people. He adores lotteries, loves to fool about and laugh, he know how to enjoy life and will even sing about it. Wife and children next to him will feel as one family. Warmth, faithfulness, devotion will always be valued very highly.

    The style of life in family of IEI male is distinctive. Here you will often find yourself traveling to new, unknown places. As soon as the desire appears (and the desire to travel somewhere appears in him fairly often), your family will be lifted and moved from the place without many preliminary preparations. Under the management of this untiring traveler your family will visit such places of which some have never heard about. Moreover he loves not only to explore, but also to tell about the historical past of places he has visited. He is very attentive to the distinctions in styles of different epochs, can examine architectural styles, easily gets fascinated by history. Such trips bring joy into the family and contribute to the spirit of constant novelty and renovation.

    It is necessary to say that IEI loves not only travel, but also simple excursions, to just walk around and wander. Therefore it can happen that on Sunday you send him to purchase some bread in the morning, and he will return only in the evening. In this case you must know that he simply went wandering around surrounding streets and strayed sufficiently far, this is why this happened. His oversights and errors IEI thoroughly hides. Do not hope that he will directly tell the truth to you. Most likely, he will resort to cunning, build up an image of mysteriousness and importance, and with the most serious demeanor he will try to fool you. He can tell elaborate, stunning histories that are removed from how events have really transpired, because he possesses flexible imagination the remarkable ability to tell about most gripping and improbable subjects - this is true talent. Probably for this reason, IEI male loves to drive others into the state of light stupefaction. He is entertained by this. This also serves to protect him. Indeed if his behavior is wrapped by the halo of fog and mysteriousness, then others not will nothing know about him accurately, and, therefore, they will not be able to use this knowledge against him.

    However, the main inconvenience in the contact with IEI lies in the fact that he will frequently attempt to put a brake on your initiatives, foretelling with melancholy that your undertakings will not meet success.

    Male IEIs make outstanding journalists, since the writer talent is often inherent to them and they can easily express their thoughts. Frequently they find themselves as artists, stylists, modellers, artists and singers. They love to photograph or make movies, which sometimes also becomes their profession. With the overall interest in the history, they also can dedicate themselves to its study or teaching.

    IEI as no other loves that the work would bring him happiness, and for this it must be diverse. He always attempts to avoid boredom and routine. With great pleasure he departs on trips, meets with new people. Least of all he likes monotony of the daily work, in which there is no place for creative undertakings. He hopes for something new, for a constant change of impressions.

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