• Roles, Archetypes, and Energetic Qualities of SP, SX, SO Instinctual Subtypes

    Roles, Archetypes, and Energetic Qualities of SP, SX, SO Instinctual Subtypes

    Introduction to instincts: SP, SX, SO Instinct Variants and Stackings
    Instinct Workshop Notes
    Expression Composites

    Original Subtype Profiles

    Self-Preservation Sexual Social
    PT1 Pioneer (anxiety): May appear either high-strung or very controlled. Whatever the appearance, the tendency is to impose order on the physical environment. Love isn’t given, it has to be earned. Very hard workers, but can resent the carefree. Tends to be the lookout for hidden threats, slights, injustices. Archetype for early pilgrims & puritans. The Evangelist (jealousy or heat): Personal intensity plus strict self control = heat. Often channeled into “safe” passions (eg religion = zeal). Insecure; look for imagined rejection or can become obsessive jealousy in a partnership. Outbursts possible when pressure builds. Perfect relationship sought, anger erupts if it doesn’t happen. Wants ALL the other’s’ attention. Challenge is to reconcile sexuality with morality. Social Reformer (inadaptability): Stiff, rigid, upright in stance. Want a secure social role & clear set of rules. Tend to thing there’s “one right way” for everyone; can be reactive & intolerant of lifestyles they don’t approve of. On own turf, may be gregarious & comfortable. Can be social registrars, hosts, arbiters of what’s socially correct, but also overly conforming. May snipe at those who fail to measure up.
    PT2 Nurturer: (“me first”/privilege): Want to take care of everyone but thus feel entitled to be noticed, to get special treatment or privileges. Get hurt, and possibly resentful, if they don’t get it. Focus on home & hearth, food for others, nursing & nurturing. Ashamed to directly ask for help because this puts them in a “one-down” position.. Ethnic mother archetype. The Lover (seduction or aggression): Highly focused on others & tend to produce a reaction, positive or negative. Determined to win over the person “targeted” by whatever means. Can be aggressive, but often want the chase more than catch; can fear real intimacy. Can also shape shift, losing themselves in the other. With growth, may try to hold back, thus alternating between approaching & retreating. Ambassador (ambition): Self-esteem is earned by getting social approval in the group, being recognized as special, being indispensable to the right people. Public image is what counts, but often content to be the power behind the scenes. Welcome compliments; find it very hard to tolerate feeling they are being taken for granted.
    PT3 Company Man (security): Happiness comes from financial success & material security. Identify with company (or family for moms). Job security & earning power = security. Relationships often take a back seat. Super-moms, workaholics. Movie Star (masculinity/femininity): Focus on success via personal attractiveness, charisma, radiance, cheerfulness. Can “perform” for many or for just one partner. Seek approval in 121 relationships but afraid of rejection when someone “sees through the act”; can easily lose themselves in their image. Politician (prestige): High-profile public image & social status brings recognition & the sense of “being somebody.” Like to play a public role, take the lead in social groups, look the part they’re playing. Want to be the leader, not help the leader (unlike 2s). Dislike being upstaged; are secretly hurt by it but don’t let on.
    PT4 Creative Individualist (dauntless /reckless): Survival is viewed as more symbolic than literal. What’s key is surviving & transmuting the pain of “something missing” into creative expression, often via self-abandonment. Are tenacious & self-contained but not materialistic. Emotional sensitivity hidden behind a practical manner. Accent on creativity in home & garden. Don Quixote, artisans, poets. Dramatic Person (competitive): Charismatic, high strung & competitive, but also sensitive & permeable. Can fight for what they want but also long for approval; need good boundaries to avoid getting hurt, reactive or overwhelmed. Often elicit love/hate reactions. Cultivating generosity toward self & others helps lessen the need to compete or upstage. Tend toward theatricality; many actors & fashion models are this type. Relationships generate high expectations; disappointment often follows. Critical Commentator (shame/honor): Social acceptance or recognition brings honor & meaning; not belonging brings shame. The tension between needing to be socially correct & personally authentic > an aura of reserve. Need to “speak their truth”—are often the emotional truth-tellers in a group. But critical like 1s; must learn not to pressure themselves too much to be authentic & also not to be too critical or demand too much emotional intensity.
    PT5 Castle Defender (home): Focus is on a safe physical space (symbolic of inner safety), a home, hideout, retreat. Can wander & travel, but the focus is on safety, via walls or anonymity. Tend to be fairly ascetic except with things they especially value (high tech stuff, books, etc.) Secret Agent (confidentiality): Security in relationship gained by exchanged confidential secrets. May seem mysterious or compelling; can draw special others into their inner sanctum. There may be a big rift between sexual self & outer self. May be true monastics if focus is spiritual. Tend to compartmentalize relationships. Professor (totems/cultural symbols): Focus of understanding & interpretation of sacred symbols, systems, philosophy, religion, science, mathematics. Magic of the written word means lots of files & books. Avarice is for whatever kinds of learning & presentations that bring social standing & the respect of others.
    PT6 Family loyalist (warmth): Creating a warm, welcoming home life is the focus; They show love to secure love—seek affection (or rejection—CF) from others in order to feel safe. Belonging & maintaining closeness are critical; warmth is used to ensure continued bonding. Warrior (strength/beauty): 6 tries to live up to ideal of strength or beauty; CF is always strength-focused. Dangerous impulsivity or risk taking possible; also ideological rigidity, avoidance of feelings/doubt/worry. Beauty: Idealization and projection of beauty is used to overcome fear; partner idealized via positive mental projections. Social Guardian (duty): Fear dispelled & security enhanced by knowing & following group rules, upholding social authority, dutiful commitment to cherished groups & causes. Can have trouble realizing others may have different rules; also can feel burdened, unappreciated, etc. CF—can rebel against the same.
    PT7 Gourmand / Family Visionary (family): Family life is idealized to create an environment that is stimulating, enthusiastic, pleasurable, body-oriented (gourmet or health food focused), or visionary (e.g., utopian, as in a commune or extended family). Like the “good life”, to stay busy with fun home activities, not to slow down or get bogged down with routine chores. Adventurer (suggestibility): Charming, risk taking, adventurous. Experience overdone due to extreme expansiveness & mental fascination/ imagination. Suggestibility comes from tendency to merge with others’ plans, ideas, fantasies; can get carried away by fantasies of love or unwittingly inflict hurt as “dance away lovers”, but find commitment difficult. Love of intense experiences can mean addiction. Flower children, roll & rollers. Uopian Visionary (sacrifice): “Feast of life” here is of ideas & social visions; they are resolute idealists who will place limits on themselves for the cause; this is a sacrifice for freedom-loving 7s. But the plans & visions can be compelling, grandiose, addictive (gluttonous); grounding is needed. Extremism & entitlement are possible. More detached, rational, impersonal than other 7s; “I network, therefore, I am."
    PT8 Survivalist (satisfactory survival): Satisfying needs of self & family is paramount. Very focused on physical preparedness. May to go to any length to ensure physical survival & material well-being—storing food, supplies, securing the perimeter, etc. Very territorial about their home & possessions. Can easily overdo it. Monarch (dominance/submission): Focus is on desire to penetrate & dominate, but also potentially to surrender to the partner—IF trust is present. Possessor can be unintentionally possessed if attention is too dominated by the need for control. Can be most attuned to life force, to energy in all living creatures. Great personal magnetism; can be hypnotic. Group Leader (friendship): Can be both social & anti-social. Friendship & social justice are key, but can be excessive; then personal needs get ignored. Seen as more moderate than other 8s because of an interest in social acceptance. Can overextend themselves in social activities, partying, etc. Not tolerant of betrayers.
    PT9 The Collector (appetite): Very common type everywhere around the world because the focus is on seeking fulfillment of basic needs: for food, stuff, retention for survival. Appetite is key here, not only for food, but for all kinds of material comforts & possessions, especially small personal items. There tends to be lots of stuff everywhere, as things are collected for potential use. This type can be organized or disorganized. Seeker (union): Desire for union makes them open but vulnerable. Weak personal boundaries can mean promiscuity, dispersion, indiscriminate “urge to merge”, vulnerability to suggestion from unsavory types. Easily overwhelmed or carried away; establishing a professional identity helps structure their life. Can dominate or be dominated by partners (more often the latter); tend to accede to the other’s wishes. Can be like a “blank screen” in 121, but can also bring a quality of unconditional love & sacredness. Community Benefactor (participation): Energized by the opportunity to belong, participate, be included but like to stay out of the limelight, not to commit 100% (“to participate or not to participate—that is the question”). Willing to work for group harmony but tend to lose themselves in the energy of the group, to merge with it, instead of doing personal inner work. Formal groups are preferred, because known rules can be followed to overcome the insecurity of feeling they don’t belong.

    Transformed Subtype Profiles

    Self-Preservation Sexual Social
    PT1 Contented Homebuilder: There is inner peace, not anxiety. This brings the ability to work with joy & calmness. The focus is on the task not perfectionistic laboring. Details are worked out with care; there’s a natural pride in a job well-done & the ability to balance work with play—also a tolerance for error. Business dealings are conducted with honor & fairness. Dispassionate Refiner: Personal intensity plus serenity = a highly refined character. Passionate concern about an intimate other is so refined that it becomes like an elixir exquisitely suited to other’s needs. Fear of rejection & jealousy are neutralized; imperfections are made perfect by love. Fears can be admitted & discussed; there is no need to sermonize or convert. Serene Advocate: Inner calm relaxes “one right way” thinking & promotes good will, tolerance, & fairness. Decision making is impartial & dispassionate. Formal rules are superseded by flexible guidelines. Social correctness is relaxed; the focus is on patient promotion of high-minded ideals. The ability to see more than one point of view enriches advocacy efforts.
    PT2 Unassuming Nurturer: Genuine joy comes from truly selfless giving, which is perceived as a privilege. Self-nurturing comes from self-love. The focus is on home & hearth, food for others, & other personal forms of nurturance. There’s no shame in asking for help when it’s needed, because of the understanding that we are all interdependent. Attentive Lover: Inner attentiveness brings the ability to share the true self with the partner. This is real intimacy (& friendship) without strings attached; it’s a big relief. No need for game playing to get love, but just love for its own sake. The fear of rejection is not present, so no manipulation is necessary. Naturalness & the heartfelt desire to share oneself with another fosters true intimacy. Community Server: The simple joy of working with others in service brings contentment. The focus is on consensus building, networking, creating bonds of trust, & including everyone as part of the group. Compliments are appreciated but not required; most of the reward is the intrinsic joy of working with others on a common goal.
    PT3 High-energy Multi-tasker: Security in self-identity makes it possible to focus on the pleasure of doing, not just the need for material security. There is an ability not only to work, but just to be—to slow down, be alone, cultivate relationships, enjoy hobbies. Material goods & pleasures are seen not to guarantee security but a natural part of an abundant life. Attractive Aspirant: Charisma infused with hope becomes true radiance. This is highly attractive because of its purity, beauty & power. Performance becomes giving; the focus is personal & specific. Other people feel appreciated for who they are as individuals, not just for the approval they can provide. Intimate relationships are a source of joy and inspiration. Cooperative Leader: The relentless drive to compete for leadership becomes an intrinsically-rewarding effort to create a better community. Emphasis is on leading in whatever way is needed, playing roles to suit the task & needs of others. Leadership is natural & enjoyable, but there is no need to identify with the leadership role in order to feel real.
    PT4 Imaginative Originator: Inner vision can be translated into creative work in the home & garden. Color, light, fabric, clothing, etc., can express an inner aesthetic born out of a genuine love of beauty. Abandonment is to one’s vision or passion. The dauntless tendency is mostly reflected in a clear & steady boldness of personal expression. Intuitive Dramatizer: Intuitive imagination wells up in a natural yet dramatic fashion, to express personal ideals. This expression is intensely personal but happens in an impersonal (unselfconscious) way. Balance in the midst of intensity or chaos makes possible the use of drama to illustrate possibilities for creative unfoldment. Personal intensity is balanced by an impersonal core at the center of the self. Gentle Truth-Teller: Inner calm & grateful acceptance of life as it is makes it possible for speak one’s truth wo/offending others; there is no conflict between shame & honor. It’s possible to convey felt truths to others in a way that is refined by discipline & tempered by love. This approach is honorable & also increases the likelihood of one’s ideas being accepted, although this is not the goal.
    PT5 Calm Introspector: The reflexive need to protectively withdraw is replaced by an inner calm that is always present, regardless of surroundings. Home is within, & so the need for retreat is merely a preference, not a compulsion. Solitude is joyful but does not become social isolation. Books, high-tech stuff, etc., are valued for their ability to satisfy intellectual curiosity & further personal understanding. Focused Confidant: A quiet and focused receptivity to the other creates an intimacy that is subtle, delicate, & verbally unexpressed. There is a mysterious, satisfying quality to the relationships that is deeply refreshing & yet very solid, steady, stabilizing. The tendency to compartmentalize relaxes, so there is no rigid separation between public & private selves or the need to mask intimate feelings in public. Transpersonal Guide: Leadership is expressed transpersonally, by enabling others to experience the world in a way that takes them beyond the sensate limitations of the personal self. The focus is on universal ideas, principles, patterns, symbols, archetypes & images. They ability to see & communicate these patterns is honored by others, because it’s seen as an embodiment of the shared wisdom of the collective.
    PT6 Family Supporter: A warm, welcoming home life is valued not for the security it provides, but for its own sake—for the opportunity it provides for personal self-expression, nurturing loved ones, & sharing the bounties of life with those one loves. Warmth & generosity to others flows out of genuine love & faith, not the need to protect through friendship. Faithful Companion: The love & faith felt for the companion is reflected by the care given to them, & a sincere appreciation for what is given in return. There is an exquisite attunement to the other. Faith strengthens the heart, bringing courage & dissolving doubt, worry, ideological rigidity, false projections; this allows the arising of true clarity of mind. Social Conservationist: A natural bent to conserve all that is good about the past & intuitive understanding of what’s worth preserving creates a true conservationist who can preserve & “re-cycle” still-useful traditions & see how the lessons of the past can help stabilize the future. This thoughtful, reasoned support for community activities brings support & goodwill.
    PT7 Home Designer: An imaginative vision of home & life brings pleasure & satisfaction without the need to go to extremes to impose them on others. An appreciation for the “good life” doesn’t turn into profligacy or compulsion. There‘s an ability to slow down, stay with one thing at a time & to enjoy what is happening in the present moment. Joyful Intimate: A soaring imagination & desire for intense “highs” are grounded in a genuine appreciation for the ethical dimensions of intimate relationships. Attention shifts from the self-centered need for intense experiences to the honoring of the personal desires & needs of the other. Joy comes from shared experiences and the deepening of intimacy. Social Change Artist: Idealism is grounded, focused, practical; this is social change with a light touch, an attunement to the moment, a sense of humor, commitment minus the sense of martyrdom or self-sacrifice. Change is accomplished deftly—with lightness, artistry, perhaps a bit of trickery. Goals are realistic & communication replaces the tendency toward extremism.
    PT8 Pacific Provider: Inner strength & fortitude are expressed via the providing of tangible care & protection to others. There is a warm- hearted, generous & expansive spirit of goodwill, but also restraint & respect for others’ boundaries, rather than the establishment & justification of one’s own agenda. Chivalrous Protector: The focus on personal ownership & control in relationships shifts to a heartfelt desire to unselfishly protect, uphold, & serve the beloved one, to enable the beloved to freely grow & flower in their own right, rather than to possess them as objects or limit their freedom to movement. This is the expression of the archetype of courtly love. Personal Exemplar: Leadership is shown by personal example, not coercion; whatever the setting, there’s a personal, “hands on” & often inspirational quality that attracts personal loyalty & participation. It’s a leadership that arises naturally in response to the needs of the situation, not the personal needs of the leader.
    PT9 Lover of Simple Living: The ability to be present to the self brings added enjoyment of the simple pleasures of the home & hearth. It lessens the tendency to over-collect, over-indulge, or become tense in decision-making scenarios and heightens the ability to discriminate among choices & make decisions. There’s an ability to be aware of personal needs & satisfy them appropriately. Introspective Seeker: The desire to merge in an unconscious way becomes conscious; the personal self is embraced, so that union is not an unreflective gravitation toward a love object but an active embracing of the other. Because the self is genuinely present, its voluntary surrender is genuinely sacrificial. This can bring to the relationship a sense of sacredness or even mystical oneness. Community Facilitator: A basic comfortability with the self brings the willingness to consciously embrace the role of meditator or facilitator, because there’s no need to hide by merging with the group. The ability to be aware, awake, & present means they can enjoy playing an active, creative role even in the absence of rules or well-established traditions.

    Subtype Archetypes and Social Roles

    Self-Preservation Sexual Social
    PT1 Pioneer, Settler, Wilderness Tamer, Dignified Civilizer, Tense Worker, Civic-minded Voter, Sober Citizen, Disciplined Perfectionist, Meticulous Worker, Fine Craftsman, Picayune Grammarian, Duty-bound Family Member, Responsible Person, Honorable Survivor, Detail-oriented Editor, Parsimonious Spender, Skinflint Possessive Friend, Passionate Lover, Fiery Advocate, Angry Demonstrator, “Thorn in the Side”, Picketer, Protester, Ranting Reformer, Interrogator, Missionary, Pilgrim, Puritan, Ethical or Spiritual Counselor, Stern Confessor, Exacting Mentor, Persistent, Monk, Nun, Ascetic, Renunciate, Evangelist, Proselytizer Rulemaker, Lawmaker, Judge, Fair Jurist, Priest, Pope, Spiritual Hierophant, Chief Justice, Religious Educator, Mother Superior, Chief Examiner, Exacting Auditor, Impartial Inquisitor, Parliamentarian, Old Testament Prophet Lawmaker, Teacher, Instructor, Arbiter, Scribe, Legal Advocate, Tireless Reformer, Miss Manner
    PT2 Guardian Angel, Mother Nature, Doting Mother, Effusive Caregiver, Homemaker, Cook, Nurse, Fairy Godmother, Best Friend, Eager Helper, Sympathetic Listener, Inquisitive Matchmaker, Busybody, Gossip, Self-Martyring Sacrificer, Would-be Rescuer, Needy Giver, Emotional Blackmailer, Diva, Maestro, Crone, Devouring Mother, Wicked Witch Devoted Helpmate, Supportive Partner, Selfless Lover, Sensitive Friend, Flirt, Coquette, Lothario, Seducer, Femme Fatale, Casanova, Playboy, Harlot, Divine Prostitute, Madonna, Sacrificial Christ, Vestal Virgin, Holy Innocent, Saint, Devotee, Pampered Prince or Princess, Stalker, Victim, Emotional Vampire Diplomat, Ambassador, Community Builder, Gracious Organizer, Neighborhood Networker, Humanitarian, Event Hostess, Social Smoother, Behind-the-scenes Manipulator, Power Behind the Throne, Hidden Partner, Public Relations Consultant, Social Climber, Ambitious Parent, Stage Mother, Bleeding Heart
    PT3 Determined Achiever, Success-oriented Careerist, Adaptable Go-Getter, Company Man/Woman, “Do everything” Mom, CFO, Pragmatic Entrepreneur, Hardworking Apprentice, Ambitious Journeyman, Mr. “All work-no play”, Hard-driving Executive, “Type A” Personality, Comeback Kid, Big Fish in a Small Pond Public Personality, Aspiring Star, Shining Star, Popular Hero, Attention-getter, Sex Goddess, Glamour Queen, Fashion Plate, Model, Manicured Professional, Airbrushed Perfection, Media Sensation, Masculine Ideal, Feminine Ideal, Venus, Adonis Early Adapter, Effective Presenter, Team Leader, Office Seeker, Opinion Leader, Politician, Head of the Class, Valedictorian, First Among Equals, Credentialed Consultant , Lobbyist, Prestige Elite Member, Public Opinion Expert, Public Relations Genius, Spin Doctor, Glosser-over, Master Deal-maker
    PT4 Bohemian, Artisan, Craftsman, Imaginative Creator, Teller of Life Stories, Originator of New Forms, Gypsy, Wordsmith, Content Editor, Weaver, Independent Learner, Interested Teacher, Individualist, Persevering Seeker, Wounded Healer, Explorer of the Psyche, Spiritual Gambler, Edge-Walker, Velveteen Rabbit Dramatist, Artist, Poet, Actor, Passionate Soulmate, Unfulfilled Lover, Vengeful Lover, Romantic Rival, Jealous Competitor, Intense Seeker, Passionate Embracer, Pained Isolate, Misunderstood Artist, Damsel in Distress, Drama Queen/King, Abandoned Child, Frustrated Seeker Witty Pundit, Social Critic, Insightful Commentator, Public Artist, Public Designer, Architect, Artistic Director, Refined Elitist, Social Muck-raker, Alienated Idealist, Ambivalent Truth-teller, Rebel Without A Cause, Justifying Complainer, Unpopular Confronter, Uncompromising Activist, Ugly Duckling
    PT5 Private Genius, Solitary Philosopher, Puzzle Solver, Pattern Observer, Mental Tinkerer, Theoretical Inventor, Blueprint Creator, Amateur Scholar, Serious Hobbyist, Stuff Collector, Space Protector, Reflective Thinker, Detail Analyzer, Professional Student, Treasure Finder, Hermit, Nerd, Recluse Spy, Sleuth, Alchemist, Scientist, Mad Scientist, Investigator, Private Detective, Undercover Operative, Behind-the-scenes Internet Wizard, Chat Room Enthusiast, Chess Player, Private Tutor, Secret Photographer, Exchanger of Confidences, Weirdo Voyeur, Secret Society Member, Wizard of Oz Group Observer, Recognized Expert, Honored Teacher, Tenured Professor, Knowledge Repository, Dispassionate Facilitator, Impersonal Guide, Bodhisattva, Occasional Iconoclast, Etymologist, Myth Collector, Anthropologist, Arcane Expert, Wise Man or Woman, Tribal Healer, Shaman, Witch Doctor
    PT6 Shy Loyalist, Gentle Friend, Family Preserver, Quiet Doer, Faithful Companion, Self-conscious Friend, Concerned Parent, Loyal Employee, Persistent Supporter, Frequent Worrier, Nervous Nelly, Warm Welcomer, Gracious Host or Hostess, Dedicated Homemaker, Brave Little Mouse, Little Engine That Could, Obstacle Surmounter Fiery Rebel, Feisty Friend, Debater, Underdog Fighter, Scrapper, Runt of the Litter, Fierce Warrior, Tender Defender, Defender of the Faith, Battlefield Medic, Cowardly Lion, Beauty Queen, Miss America, Boy or Girl Next Door, Prince Valiant, Braveheart, Dauntless Explorer, Sensitive Creator, Aesthetic Appreciator, Idealistic Lover, Shy Sensualist Preservationist, Conserver of the Social Order, Historian, Loyalist, Archivist, Recorder, Community Builder/Volunteer, Committee Worker, Prosecutor, Community Protector, Police Officer, Firefighter, Upholder of Law & Order, Reluctant Whistle-blower, True Believer, Vigilante, Unyielding Conformist
    PT7 Bon Vivant, Salon Designer, Renaissance Man or Woman, Family Visionary, Magical Child, Fun Parent, Pastry Chef, “Good Life” Aficionado, Communard, Family Entertainer, Visionary Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, Home Improver, Versatile Generalist, Idea Glutton, Self-improvement Junkie, Intellectual Spinner, Self-fascinated Narcissist Artless Charmer, Dance-away Lover, Shameless Hedonist, Space Cadet, Comic, Mimic, Hippie, Manic Escapist, Rake, Alcoholic, Addict, Dreamer, Artist, Trickster, Vagabond, Aimless Wanderer, Juggler, Fool, Jack of All Trades, Panhandler, Self Actualizer, Gambler, Snake Charmer, Clothes Designer, Raconteur, Troubadour, Angelic Innocent Social Idealist, Political Visionary, High-Flying Utopian, Optimistic Futurist, Social Planner, Social Architect, Armchair Revolutionary, Intellectual Anarchist, Winged Messenger, Angelic Herald, Swift Courier, Idea Networker, Aquarian Thinker, Innovative Communicator, Human Potential Activist, Trendsetter, Jet-setter, One of the Beautiful People
    PT8 Father Figure, Protector, Guardian, Powerful Presence, Heavyweight, Strong Silent Type, Weightlifter, Sampson, Hercules, Atlas, Mountain Man, Mountain Mama, Force of Nature, Wilderness Survivor, Prepared Survivalist, Mother Bear, Grounded Weightlifter, Pillar of Strength, Unsung Hero, Little Orphan Annie God or Goddess, God’s Instrument, Guru, Rescuer, Champion, Gunslinger, Knight Errant, Charismatic Hero, Honor-Bound Avenger, Personal Intimidator, Pirate King, Martial Artist, Avenging Angel, Angel of Death, Shiva/Kali, Destroyer, Tyrant, Hunter or Huntress, Midas Patriarch, King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Court-holder, Ruler, Autocrat, CEO, Boss, Born Leader, Leader of the Pack, Mafia Don, Military Commander, Chieftain, Benevolent Dictator, Tactician, Strategist, Commander in Chief, Tough-love Parent, Dominant Friend, Ones of the Boys, A Real Pal
    PT9 Practical Person, Patient Endurer, Steady Worker, Sensible Thinker, Nature Lover, Unassuming Doer, Putterer, Appreciator of Detail, Enjoyer of Routines, Person of the Land, Peasant, Serf, Slave, Nomad, Herdsman, Crop Picker, Tribe Member, Cowhand, Gardener, Manual Laborer Intimate Companion, Personal Valet, Devoted Servant or Retainer, Empathic Listener, Receptive Friend, Gentle Helper, Natural Mystic, Lost Soul, Fantasy Spinner, Enjoyer of Pleasure, Devotee, Tabula Rasa, Nature Worshipper, Meditator, Animal Lover, Surrendered Lover, Lover of Love Group Participant, Community Member, Natural Mediator, Harmonizer, Blender, Go-Between, Peacemaker, Consensus Builder, Family Counselor, Unassuming Facilitator, Unintentional Networker, Faithful Steward, Activity Coordinator, Coach, Referee

    Subtype Energetic Qualities

    Self-Preservation Sexual Social
    PT1 Industry: focusing, concentrating, determining, discriminating, pinpointing, selecting, defining, specifying, literalizing, staking out, cordoning off, delineating, ordering, laboring, civilizing, taming, structuring, devoting, persevering, earning, deserving
    Examples: Puritans, pioneers, Mormons, “perfect” housewives, strict parents, hard workers, fine craftsmen, watchmakers
    Passion: possessing, obsessing, holding, disapproving, impassioning, intensifying, idealizing, burning, pressurizing, containing, restraining, pointing out, adjuring, entreating, enjoining, beseeching, criticizing, disciplining, harnessing, inhibiting, confining, curbing
    Examples: ascetics, renunciates, rabble-rousers, intensifiers, zealous preachers, jealous lovers, observant partners
    Law: ordaining, decreeing, consecrating, prescribing, proscribing, codifying, systematizing, rule-making, law-making, evaluating, judging, governing, regulating, regularizing
    Examples: lawmakers, judges, lawyers, social arbiters, parliamentarians, religious & spiritual leaders
    PT2 Care-Giving: tending, helping, supporting, nurturing, caring, loving, encouraging, parenting, defending, feeding, nursing, fostering, uplifting, boosting, furthering, pushing, promoting
    Examples: Moms, matriarchs, nurses, big brothers & sisters, guardians, parents, cooks, compassionate workers
    Romance: flirting, attracting, enticing, seducing, luring, tempting, pursuing, romancing, dating, fascinating, winning- over, shape-shifting, entrancing, stalking
    Examples: lovers, romantics, pursuers, people who date, attentive listeners, happy lovers, supportive partners
    Diplomacy: organizing, arranging, connecting, supporting, affirming, appreciating, smoothing over, entertaining, facilitating, socializing, making connections, social networking
    Examples: diplomats, event organizers, ambassadors, social supporters, humanitarians
    PT3 Security: undertaking, doing, working, striving, grinding out, overcoming, reaching, arriving, satisfying, succeeding, materializing, accomplishing, securing, anchoring, achieving
    Examples: “Type A”s, Horatio Algers, super-moms, workaholics, relentless workers
    Stardom: aspiring, radiating, starring, beaming, inspiring, leap-frogging, shining, winning, glowing, illuminating, glittering, gleaming, energizing, attention garnering
    Examples: feminine ideal, masculine ideal, performers, movie stars, rock stars, confidence boosters, cheerleaders, image-oriented lovers & partners
    Politics: public speaking, selling, promoting, publicizing, winning over, connectiing, cooperating, leading, networking, self-promoting, self-packaging
    Examples: politicians, CEOs, public speakers, program promoters, public relations experts, valedictorians
    PT4 Origin: wondering, imagining, shaping, originating, making, fashioning, forming, symbolizing, weaving, synthesizing, expressing, designing, deepening, self-abandoning, waiting, longing
    Examples: artisans, potters, designers, symbol makers, ensoulers, storytellers, independent workers
    Drama: dramatizing, intensifying, creating, competing, taking, seizing, opposing, beating, seeking, provoking, hating, killing, torching, creating, destroying, annihilating
    Examples: dramatic actors, romantic rivals, meaning seekers, tough competitors, fierce lovers, emotionally demanding partners
    Debate: arguing, objecting, debating, critiquing, muck-raking, liberating, speaking out, reifying, refining, ritualizing, lifting up, enculturating, rarifying, truth-telling, non-conforming, disobeying
    Examples: gallery owners, artistic directors, social directors, reserved opinion leaders, pained critics, reluctant muckrakers, emotional truth-tellers
    PT5 Privacy: desisting, detaching, retiring, minimizing, withdrawing, separating, anchoring, keeping private, holding back, mentalizing, pondering, reflecting, understanding
    Examples: thinkers, philosophers, inventors, tinkerers, puzzlers, boundary makers, boundary keepers, unconventional workers
    Secrets: observing, seeing, watching, spying, sleuthing, surveilling, perceiving, secreting away, mystifying, curiosity creating, confiding, retreating & appearing, penetrating
    Examples: spies, secret operatives, undercover cops, detectives, sleuths, confidential lovers, private partners
    Research: surveying, analyzing, dissecting, uncovering, investigating, interpreting, translating, explaining, explicating, separating, systematizing, synthesizing
    Examples: researchers, teachers, scientists, professors, knowledgeable guides, shamans
    PT6 Home: deferring, respecting, fearing, cautioning, ensuring, securing, warming, home-making, family- building, conserving, preserving, welcoming, inviting, pleasing, refraining, restraining, appreciating
    Examples: home-makers, home protectors, traditionalists, housewives, historians, conservers, preservers, warm hosts/hostesses, loyal workers
    Mating: idealizing, identifying, bonding, romanticizing, mate affirming, comforting, beautifying, ornamenting, decorating, prettifying, contending, defending, resisting, reacting
    Examples: beauty queens, devoted partners, warriors, underdog defenders, feisty friends. idealizing lovers, loyal partners
    Duty: supporting, conforming, saluting, respecting, affirming, confirming, ensuring, retaining, assisting, upholding, following, obeying, complying, serving
    Examples: committee workers, church members, civic organizers, community workers, neighborhood organizers, policemen, firemen, bureaucrats
    PT7 The Good Life: eating, drinking, enjoying, shopping, celebrating, entertaining, improvising, mixing, combining, melding, alchemizing, stimulating, expanding
    Examples: chefs, gourmands, wine tasters, kite flyers, bike riders, enthusiastic workers
    Freedom: playing, dancing, jumping, leaping, flying, surfing, whizzing, creating, spiraling, free-falling, zooming, whirring, whirling, twirling, whistling, wandering, juggling
    Examples: artless charmers, frequent wanderers, natural jugglers, flower children, potential hedonists, interesting partners, dance-away lovers, lively friends
    Vision: liberalizing, realizing, envisioning, projecting, imagining, patterning, speculating, reworking, networking, synthesizing, tossing around, broadening, leaping over, annihilating
    Examples: utopians, social visionaries, inventors, armchair revolutionaries, jetsetters, architects
    PT8 Strength: standing, withstanding, outlasting, satiating, surviving, securing, making tangible, grounding, storing, hoarding, providing, territorializing, toughening, uncompromising
    Examples: strong men, muscle men, weightlifters, fathers, protectors, guardians
    Chivalry: honoring, upholding, trusting, dominating, submitting, overwhelming, possessing, warring, triumphing, magnetizing, hypnotizing, retribution seeking, forgiving, mocking, belittling, stamping out, eradicating
    Examples: knights, heroes & heroines, dragon slayers, avengers, aggressors, lustful lovers, fierce friends
    Brotherhood: pal-ing around, hanging out, influencing, dominating, commanding, leading by example, personalizing, bullying, forcing, manhandling, rough housing, mixing it up, toughing it out
    Examples: kings & queens, group leader, gang leader, military strategist, tough tactician, chieftains, tough-love parents, “party-hard” types
    PT9 Practicality: allowing, relaxing, laying back, stretching, snoozing, filling, fulfilling, satisfying, accumulating, self-comforting, collecting, munching, routinizing, habituating, puttering, dabbling
    Examples: putterers, gardeners, unassuming employees, herders, serfs, gardeners, cowhands, clerks, nibblers & snackers, habitual workers
    Surrender: letting go, stepping back, stepping down, disappearing, dispersing, emptying, being receptive, accepting, opening, relaxing, blanking out, self-dissolving, self-abdicating, dreaming, wishing, longing
    Examples: servants, devotees, mystics, listeners, counselors
    Participation: participating, accompanying, fitting in, agreeing, following, mediating, harmonizing, peace-making, joining in, settling in, identifying, melding, pacifying
    Examples: mediators, negotiators, participants, go-betweens, coaches, participant leaders, facilitators