• Robespierre, Male Portrait, INTj by Beskova

    Robespierre, Male Portrait, INTj by Beskova

    Lean, taut, and slightly stoop-shouldered, male LII makes a pleasant impression. Men of this type usually keep their hair short. Their clothing style often consists of soft pullovers and well ironed trousers, although they will wear suits on rare occasions.

    Most of the time LII male spends submerged in his thoughts, ideas, and important to him undertakings. He makes an impression of being somewhat removed from everyday life and his general behavior is soft and cautious. However, when he is around those whom he is close to, he can bloom and become sociable, behave in a lively fashion, tell stories and display an unusual sense of humor often with elements of dark irony or absurdism. If a LII male is positively predisposed towards you, his eyes become kind and a disarming smile will appear on his lips.

    Children of this type are often well-read and erudite. They go to school simply because they love learning. Their analytical minds actively pursue knowledge. They love to read, to comprehend, to systematize everything. As a rule, they have a good memory and a remarkable ability to understand the material, which they will structure and organize in their minds. Boys of this type exhibit excellent abilities for precise and natural sciences. Moreover, they are keen on the process of learning itself. They have everything needed for it: indepth interest in the subject area, an encyclopedic mind, and discipline. They often finish school with high grades, participate and win at the local Olympiads in various subjects, contributing to the pride of their class and their school.

    With other children they are usually benevolent and soft, try to maintain level relations and avoid conflict situations. They dislike being pressed into having to resolve heated issues especially if there is need to use direct force.

    If they enjoy sports, then they are drawn to to sports involving speed. Most frequently these are running, lancing, badminton, air gliding. Team games appeal much less to them because of inevitable power struggles that will occur on the field. Generally LII males are much more drawn to developing and expanding views and horizons rather than their own physical attributes.

    In company LII male is often quite pleasant. He is cavalier, gallant, witty and ingenious. Elegant and light in conversation, he with the pleasure helps to maintain the mood with the aid of puns, tells jokes and anecdotes, and dances willingly.

    LII males are not indifferent to women. With pleasure they become acquainted and maintain relations. They are often liked, since they are usually friendly and deprived of overt aggressiveness, well brought up, educated and clever. By his noble manners and refinement in manners, LII male usually makes an impression of somewhat behind the times, academic person. In the process of courting, the woman he has chosen will soon discover that this is an unprotected, romantic and dreamy man.

    If you decide to conquer the heart of this man, you will have to act demonstratively and decisively. Showing ardency of feelings is welcomed by him. Indeed it is exactly this trait that LII man finds himself to be lacking in. An open display of your feelings will meet a response in his heart.

    Men of this type are rarely jealous and physically possessive. Usually they are proud of their significant others and see nothing wrong if their girlfriend or spouse is also liked by others.

    With his seeming external softness, LII man is his essence is very reliable. He is responsible, stable, orderly, although not always inclined to finish up dull, in his opinion, matters. He avoids doing that which he considers inadvisable. The elevated, romantic relation to life is combined well in representatives of this type with inclination to be economical and financial soberness. While not greedy, LII male is always inclined to be thrifty.

    From time to time, the orderly sedentary LII man gets struck with desire for adventures. When this occurs, he can suddenly (so it seems to outsiders) uplift himself and move, for example, to a distant country - for a new residence or just for the purpose of traveling. To take an excursion across entire Europe using public transportation, for example, is completely possible.

    LII men generally make for good providers and thoughtful husbands and fathers. With rare exceptions, they are inclined to family life. They know how to earn money, value family warmth, cleanliness, order, and are grateful for the concern and care shown to them by their close ones. When they fall ill, these men like to be cared for, a change from their usual self-reliance. If LII man is not cared for, he may lose weight, go on hungry, look neglected and unhappy and not even notice it himself.

    At home LII man behaves softly, passively, and is responsive to the requests of relatives. They are not lazy and strive to carry out obligations that they undertake. LII man will not refuse to look after children, to change diapers, to walk to the store and buy produce. What he will not tolerate is arm-twisting, tactlessness and caddishness from those close to him. Being defenseless against this, in the situations where he cannot avoid aggression, he can become withdrawn and terminate any contact with the offender for weeks or months.

    As a whole, LII men especially past middle age may desire to have a large family. They love their children, and are sincerely attached to them, however, they may also be a bit neglectful if they are seriously involved in their favorite work. Having well developed sense of fairness, a father of this type rarely punishes children and may avoid taking direct disciplinary action, firstly trying to appeal to child's reason. If needed, he will help his children with homework. He explains material very well, with great clarity, and does this without irritation and with patience.

    Sometimes he can be overly edifying and superfluously detailed in his instructions when he tries to 'knock some sense' into his children. He can be strict, requiring from his children adherence to specific rules, as well as orderly and thoughtful behavior. He may tell them about how to construct relations with other people, how to show them respect in order to avoid conflict and violence.

    Not only from his children, but LII man also expect this from adults, that they will behave intelligently and in accordance with reasonable general human norms. He wishes that others would strive to understand what occur around them, analyze available facts and come up with conclusions. In this, he is frequently disappointed when he encounters stupidity, brashness of actions, shallow estimations, and poorly thought-out ideas.

    At the work, given required level of education LII man is capable of handling any task, although most of all he is drawn to scientific and research activity. However, staying in same place for a long time, where there are no more fulfilling tasks is not interesting to him. Therefore, drying out all possibilities to attain mastery of one activity or another, he will leave to work at another place where he will be more interested and intellectually engaged.

    LII man is level and benevolent with his colleagues. He attemptings to approach people correctly and objectively, he tries to condemn no one. He is not inclined to have favorites or make for exceptions for someone.

    Thus LII man can make for a good manager or group leader. He is clever and with respect to subordinates manifests impartiality and humanism. With this he also makes for a refined diplomat. He is usually prudent and does not voice all that he knows. If in a complicated situation at work, for example, during a power struggle, he easily calculates the behind the scenes actions of other parties, foresees hostile moves, figures out possible motives and consequences of enemy's behavior.

    Relations at work he sees as an elaborate pattern in which are interwoven the interests of other people, their competitive self-interests, possible fraudulent intents, and also future course of their actions, which they can undertake in various circumstances. LII man attempts to account for everything and predict hostile actions in order not to fall under their blow. This is a cautious and careful person, who practically never acts thoughtlessly. Sometimes he can actively protest. When his interests have been hurt, LII man may manifest rigid adherence to principles and obstinacy.

    But in the domestic sphere, where he can relax and laugh in the company of friends and family, male LII thaws, softens, and becomes merry and completely domestic.

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