Socionics theory also defines the activity and grouping of several personality types. In fact, some groups can cause physical and mental well being in each member while others may be detrimental. There are several groupings of personality types, only a few are listed here.

The Socion

The Socion is what Socionics is built on. The idea behind the Socion is that each quadra of the Socion has its place and function. Putting all of the quadras together creates a model of society with all 16 personality types fulfilling certain roles. There have been theories put forth that the quadra corresponds with Grof's perinatal matrices, or BPM.


Kiersey Temperaments

Keirsey's popular book Please Understand Me took the ancient 4 temperments and applied them to personality theory. The idea is in fact ancient, with Plato, Aristotle, Galen and others already having done this, just without adding certain personality types to each category. Each temperment is traditionally part of American personality theory, as they do not correspond with the Socion or the Quadras of socionics. They do, however, have a place as personality types do seem to fit well in their categories.


Reinin Dichotomies

A Socionist named Gregory Reinin came up with certain divisions he found between types. One is the static-dynamic division, and the other is the narrator-taciturn division.


Gulenko's Communication Styles

During psychoanalysis Gulenko found that different groups use different methods to communicate, and these had an effect on the relationship.


Gulenko's Erotic Attitudes

Gulenko discovered certain 'scripts', or collective unconscious archetypes that he found over and over in the behavior of love between people. He noticed the second and third quadras were inclined to be resolute, yet the first and fourth quadras were more consultive in their decisions.


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